CJ Nutra launches ‘Builders’, the liquid protein


CJ Nutra launches ‘Builders’, the liquid protein


CJ Nutra announced on the 8th the launch of ‘Builders’, the liquid protein for weight control and relieving muscle fatigue.

‘Builders’ helps recovery of damaged muscle after workout and minimizes muscle fatigue, therefore enhances muscle strength and is effective in weight control. The newly launched ‘Builders’ is liquid protein packaged in easy-to-open can that was developed for the first time in Korea. ‘Builders’ solved the inconvenience of having to mix powered protein with water in shaker.

‘Builders’ is conjugated protein of which protein is mixed with casein (animal protein) and contains 11 essential amino acids, etc. Compared to conventional proteins mainly containing animal protein, ‘Builders’ contains 50% of soy protein to be characteristically low in cholesterol and saturated fatty acid. As a low-fat product of 155Kcal, ‘Builders’ contains 30% of the recommended daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

Generally, sufficient intake of protein helps in muscle growth. Also, protein reduces the possibility of overheating or gorging as it gives greater sense of fullness than carbohydrate and fat. So, appropriate protein intake is also effective in weight loss.