CJ starts advancement to Central and South American market in Brazil

\"on\">Brazil has significant meaning to CJ as it will expand the company’s overseas production base from the existing China, Southeast Asia and America to South American regions. Targeting to globalization as the biggest management goal since the beginning of this year, CJ has the plan of escaping from the current position as a domestic company to record 50% of its sales from overseas markets by 2013. The goal of overseas sales alone is KRW 5,000 billion.


CJ is planning to achieve the sales amount of KRW 1,600 billion by 2013 in bio industry alone including lysine business. This is a difficult figure to achieve without developing new markets by escaping from the existing major areas in Asia. For this, CJ is searching for ways of advancing to the market not only of America, but also of Europe with the plant in Brazil as the stronghold. Having secured the world’s top class bio technological power by developing lysine, nucleic acid and threonine, etc., the world class products selected by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, CJ is anticipated to strengthen its position as the leading company of global bio industry after completion of the large-scaled lysine plant construction in Brazil.