CJ Corp. launches ‘CJ Rice with Spicy Chicken Sauce’



CJ Corp. recently launched a new product, ‘CJ Rice with Spicy Chicken Sauce,’ which contains chunks of chicken breasts with a spicy sauce. It is similar to the popular franchise chicken products, such as ‘Bul Dak.’ CJ is the first corporation to commercialize this line of spicy chicken products for home use, and it is expected to be popular among the rice goods.

This product is made of big chunks of high-grade chicken breasts and a special Korean sauce. It uses fresh domestic cinnamons. The total product weighs 310g, 100g of which is chicken breasts. It is made by using carefully selected, domestic powdered red pepper and various Korean spices. The sauce befits the Korean flavor, being spicy with a refreshing after taste.

CJ Rice with Spicy Chicken Sauce is developed based on the know-how of professional experts. Among the experts are Korean cuisine professionals who have worked in high-class hotels for over 10 years.

This spicy chicken, though widespread, has never been commercialized, and it is expected to reach much popularity. Moreover, the cooking method is very simple: microwave the rice and sauce for 2 minutes, and pour the sauce on rice.