CJ Internet, closes contract with KOEI for the publishing of \'Dynasty Warriors Online\'


CJ Internet closed a contract with KOEI on publishing .


As stated by CJ Internet, representatives of both corporations have gathered at the main office of CJ Internet in order to hold a joint ceremony and to close the contract of the illustrious action game .


Following this contract, CJ Internet will acquire a publishing copyright for in Korea, as well as completing marketing and managing plans for game service preparations.

Dynasty Warriorsseries of KOEI is a renowned PS2 action game, which has already gained a world wide fan base. is the online embodiment of this popular Dynasty Warriorsseries.

With this contract, CJ Internet has added this eminent foreign game to its lineup, and consolidated its stance as the leading publisher in Korea.


Young Jong Jung, the representative of CJ internet has stated “I am delighted to service Dynasty Warriors Online, which is called the most important action game.” He continued, “I will do my best to service the heroic excitement of the undefeated warrior.”