CJ FoodSystem_Yonsei Severance Hospital authorized HACCP for the hospital meal


Yonsei Severance Hospital, authorized HACCP for the hospital meal service for the first time in Korea


The CJ FoodSystem announced that the meal service of Yonsei Severance Hospital, which has been operated by CJ, was authorized as a HACCP controlled hospital meal service for the first time in Korea from the Korea Food & Drug Administration. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a health control system that analyzes every food serving process with a potential hygiene related accident and focuses on managing the overall hygiene system. Therefore by adopting HACCP, not only the possibility to prevent a food related accident gets increased but the expansion of an accident can be prevented as well when happens. Also, it is easier to prove the cause of a food accident.


Many food/meal businesses have wanted to obtain the qualification for HACCP approval, and in order to pass the strict standard of HACCP it requires a lot of investment for the construction of related facilities as well as the intense management for the system maintenance. For this reason, there are not many businesses that were actually authorized HACCP. Especially in case of a meal service in hospitals, there are more things to follow than just ordinary restaurants because the meal is provided to patients who are susceptive to immunity, thus, not a single hospital meal service was actually authorized for HACCP.