The establishment of Study room ‘Donor START’



JoongAng daily news paper and We Start Act head quarter, CJ Sharing Foundation united together to start study room called Didimdol Movement(Donor start). The ceremony was held 18th of last month at regional child center of ‘Seoul SOS children’s town’ which is located in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul

The Didimdol Movement is a type of education providing program based on choice of donor. It is tried out for the first time in Korea. Based on the provided information on the curriculum proposal made by teachers, the donors make choice of their interests and make contributions. They may receive the result of their donation later.

The prime minister Han, Myung sook, in her address of encouragement said “Adults have the responsibility for children not to let them lose their hope due to poor economic condition, I think Didimdol Movement will fill in that role” and she also said, “The government also should make efforts to support children grow into proper adult by providing study program integrated with lunch services with the study room in the center of location.”

The CEO of CJ group Kyung shik Sohn said, “In addition to the donation made by the citizen, CJ Sharing Foundation donate the equal amount made by the citizen which will result in doubled share of love”. And he said, “I hope with this movement, the spread of small donation culture would arise”