CJ opened food safety center


The center is responsible for safety of food produced by CJ, exported to Korea and sold in China.


The center is opening in respond to the growing interest of food safety spreading widely in China and is in the process of manufacture after 7 months of finding Cheongdo factory.


In China, there are no such places for managing the safety of food in most of the food producing companies and only two companies of Japan have such management systems till now making the CJ the leading company of operating proper facility for food safety management.


With the opening of CJ food safety center in China, the 4 researchers work equipped with analyzing system of microorganism and food.


During this current year the center will be enforced, verifying safety of food made to sell abroad which are produced and processed internally. And starting from 2008 next year, the center will expand its role by securing the safety of their product used in CJ catering usiness in China.