CJ Corp., New Product Launching ‘CJ Matnuts’


A well-being product, named “CJ Matnuts” with delicious and abundant nutrition containing more than 85% of a cashew nut. It is a following product of ‘MatBam’ which recorded more than 5 billion won monthly sales. Matnuts gives out very soft and sweet taste from a cashew net, which is contained 85.7%, malt toffee, sesame, and refined sugar so that it is very well matched with family nutritious snack. A cashew nut with its famous curved shape is a high class nut snack in the US and Europe. It is originated in Brazil, but now it is cultivated mainly in South America and Southern East Asia. It contains rich fibroid material and its taste is sweet and soft. Also it contains no cholesterol at all but abundant protein and a carbohydrate so that it is good for nutritious snack.

CJ Corp. has enhanced a well-being snack lineup with “Matnuts” launching. The product is made of a chestnut, which is popular around the world and a cashew nut so that the company expects high product popularity not only in domestic market but also in international market.