CJ Corp., acquires an American frozen food company


CJ Corp. acquires an American Frozen Food Company so that CJ now establishes a local manufacturing and sales system.

CJ Corp. has announced that it signed 6.8 million dollars MOU with Omni Food Inc. which is located at Los Angeles, CA.

Omni Food Inc. has been in frozen food business since 1985 and has about 40 employees, 17,000 square meter size frozen factory, and 20,000 square meter size noodle factory. Currently the company produces and sells a dumpling, noodles, frozen rice, and processed meat around western area of the United States.

The company possesses its own brand ‘Ohana’ and supplies a dumpling and noodle products in the brand name of OEM to Daesang Corporation and Pulmuone Co. Ltd. Also it delivers frozen rice product to Trader Joe’s, which is famous discount store.

CJ Corp. expects to drive dynamic marketing strategy to the American market from this merge and acquisition by changing to direct production and sales system from export and local OEM based production.

Especially frozen food market is huge market area with 24 or 25 trillion yearly sales and the market is recognized as high quality market compared to general food market so that the market outlook is bright in the future.

Kim, Jinsoo, C.E.O. of CJ Corp., says “The acquisition of Annie Chun’s Inc. last year established a bridgehead for food business within the united states. However this acquisition of Omni Food Inc. allows CJ to produce and sell CJ brand products in local area.” He also emphasizes, “We do not simply move our brand and system into the united states. We will run our business based very on local market and environment.”