CJ Systems becomes a new competitor in RFID market


CJ Systems won two of four task projects of ‘2006 RFID/USN Sample Project’ which was designed to facilitate public market formation using RFID by Government and its agencies.

CJ Systems (, the IT service company of CJ Group, is appointed as the premium counterpart to negotiate on ‘Constructing RFID base Infra for U-medical Drug Products distribution’, one of four tasks of ‘2006 RFID/USN Sample Project’ which is designed by Ministry of Information and Communication and National Computerization Agency. Also it will participate in the consortium for the first negotiation on the task, ‘RFID base Food Safety Information Management’ of Korean Food Industry Association.


The 2006 RFID/USN Sample Project Tasks are an infrastructure project in which RFID/USN Utility Service can be encouraged in the public market, as part of the Eight Services of Government’s u-IT839 policy. Currently, the RFID/USN base sample tasks are carried out by four government agencies including Ministry of Health and Welfare, Incheon International Airport Cooperation, Jeju-do local government, and Korean Food Industry Association.


In the Project of ‘Constructing RFID base Infrastructure for U-medical Drug Products distribution’ which CJ Systems will involve as a main coordinator, electric tags are attached onto expensive special medical drug products, addictive drugs, and medical drugs for hospital use, for which false products are likely distributed. Thus, the plan involves, while those products are passing through any of distribution process including drug companies, trading companies, wholesalers, pharmacies, and hospitals, that information during the process is collected to confirm the originals, to track down the history and to prevent misuses.