The delivery service of Hetbahn in the USA


“The delivery service of CJ cooked rice bowls ‘Hetbahn’ within the USA” which began from last November is playing a big role to transmit the Korean taste to the Korean students studying or the Korean people working in the USA arousing the response and the interest of the overseas customers. Through the steady communication with the customers for 6 months, the service to deliver the side dishes along with the cooked rice bowl ‘Hetbahn’ began newly from May of this year.

The side dishes include the products of homemade soups (3 kinds), dry laver, cans of tuna (2 kinds) and toppings for rice ‘Bap-i-rang’. With the direct delivery by CJ corporation of American continents, customers can experience the various and the inexpensive CJ products in all areas of the USA (but, excepting Hawaii and Alaska) within 7 days after ordering.

CJ Co., Ltd has an ambitious plan to meet the customers in the USA with the new side- dish menu and the well-being products. The cooked rice bowls ‘Hetbahn’ and the side dishes can be ordered online through or