CJ’s Full-fledged support for the Game Team by attracting outside players etc.


CJ that entered in the e-sports game industry by recently acquiring the pro gamer team, G.O, is starting to provide full-fledged support for the Game Team by attracting outside players and by providing them with a lodging facility.

On the 28th, CJ announced that it attracted Min Gu Kim, a Zerg user to strengthen its strategy.

Min Gu Kim who joined the professional league after winning the semifinals at the 2004 Hi Seoul Game Festival, is expected to lead the Zerg line-up in the team along with Jae Yoon Ma.

Moreover, the 167 pyeong lodging facility at Bangbae-dong, Seoul, enables the players to focus on optimizing team’s strategy amidst this refreshing environment.

An CJ sports officer said that "CJ’s support is merely a start, and that it will fulfill the promise made by the Group to provide maximum support for the players."  He then added, “We plan to provide strategic support by leveraging diverse business divisions at the Group, and we will grow the team into the best team."