Czen opened the first shop in China.


Czen a noodle food specialty shop run by CJ FOODVILLE is opened in China.

Czen announced that it opened the 1st shop on a scale of 165.29 square meters with 72 seats in Beijing, China.


The first Czen shop in Beijing is located right next to the bakery of Tous Les Jours shop which is opened last August and in the area foremost universities of Beijing as those like Beking University, Tsinghau University, University of Science Technology of Beijing, and etc stand close together.


Czen has increased the serving amount of noodles per one person from 250g to 270g, and added about 10 more menu items unlike Czen shops in Korea for brand localization.

Especially variety of rice menu as like boiled rice with assorted mixtures in stone pot, rice rolled in dried laver etc those are very popular in China with the Korean Wave has been got ready.


Person concerned  in CJ FOODVILLE said, “We are planning to open about 1300 shops in China by 2013 making a stepping-stone of