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CJ, Ahead of Chuseok, Accelerates KRW 150 Billion Payment to Small and Medium-sized Partner Companies


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Four Affiliates, Including CJ CheilJedang, to Make Early Payments to Over 1,200 Partner Companies

CJ Group (Chairman Lee Jay-hyun) announced on the 24th that it will make an early payment of approximately KRW 150 billion in settlement funds to small and medium-sized partner companies ahead of the Chuseok holiday.

The scale of the early payment from major affiliates to partner companies is estimated at around KRW 120 billion for CJ CheilJedang and KRW 13.2 billion for CJ Foodville, benefiting over 1,200 small and medium-sized supplier companies. The settlement funds are scheduled to be paid sequentially on the 26th and 27th.

Alleviating Financial Burden on Partner Companies Every Holiday Since 2015

A representative from CJ Group stated, “Since 2015, we have brought forward payments every holiday to practice shared growth management,” adding, “We hope this can help alleviate the temporary financial burden on small and medium-sized partner companies ahead of the holiday.”

Meanwhile, CJ actively practices shared growth management for the mutual development of small and medium-sized partner companies. CJ CheilJedang continuously runs the 'Joyful Companion' program, identifying competitive partner companies and providing support through essential funds, capabilities, and market access to offer sustainable growth opportunities. CJ Logistics offers ‘Green Delivery Plus’ training to strengthen logistics capabilities for small business owners who typically find it challenging to access such resources. CJ Freshway operates the ‘Shared Growth Academy’ every year to enhance the food safety capabilities of its small and medium-sized partner companies.