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CJ ONSTYLE to Publicly Recruit New and Experienced Show Hosts for 2023


The cradle of star show hosts, CJ ONSTYLE, announces the open recruitment of new and experienced show hosts for 2023.

▶ The cradle of star show hosts, CJ ONSTYLE, announces the open recruitment of new and experienced show hosts for 2023.

CJ ONSTYLE Conducts Public Recruitment of Show Hosts for Two Consecutive Years

CJ ONSTYLE is embarking on public recruitment of new and experienced show hosts for 2023. Typically recruiting new show hosts every 2-3 years, the company's consecutive recruitment for the second year is exceptional.

Targeting Multi-Channel Sellers Across TV, T-Commerce, and Mobile under ‘One Platform’ Strategy

This recruitment aims to discover and bolster multi-channel sellers who can traverse TV, T-commerce, and mobile under CJ ONSTYLE’s ‘One Platform’ strategy. The goal is to find One Platform-type show hosts who can communicate flexibly with customers and brands based on product expertise.

The One Platform refers to a company-wide strategic system that combines and integrates all value chains possessed by CJ ONSTYLE to provide distinctive value to brands and deliver a new shopping experience to customers.

Applications are Accepted via the CJ Group Recruitment Website from the 25th to 10 am of the Following Month's 15th

The application method includes submitting application forms on CJ Group’s recruitment website (http://recruit.cj.net) from September 25th to 10 a.m. of October 15th and sending an email with a profile picture and a self-introduction video attached to the show host recruitment representative. Applications are only accepted through the CJ Group recruitment website, with in-person and mail submissions not allowed. There are no age or educational background restrictions, but applicants must be eligible for overseas travel.

Those who pass the first document screening will undergo a second essential competency evaluation, including a camera test, followed by a third professional competency evaluation consisting of product presentation and in-depth interviews, and finally, the honor of being selected through an executive interview. Successful candidates are expected to hone their professional show host personas through a systematic 9-week academy training course and could meet customers via CJ ONSTYLE as early as March of next year.

Jung Seung-hwan, the Show Host Operation Team Leader at CJ ONSTYLE, stated, “We anticipate many applications from competent individuals active in various fields of society, as a show host must possess not only the ability to narrate products through storytelling but also quick adaptability to situational changes and strategic thinking.”

CJ ONSTYLE is home to renowned flagship show hosts, including Dong Ji-hyun, Lim Se-young, Kim Bong-hee, Kang Yeon-hee, Shim Yong-su, and Shim Su-ra, and is aptly called the cradle of star show hosts, with many other home shopping star hosts originating from CJ ONSTYLE.