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CJ Group Pledges 500 Million Won and Provides Aid Supplies for Flood Relief Efforts



The relief fund, designated for flood damage reconstruction and the support of affected individuals, will be channeled through the National Disaster Relief Association.

On the 19th, CJ Group (led by Chairman Lee Jay-hyun) publicly committed to a contribution of 500 million won. The relief funds are to support victims and aid in the recovery process following the recent countrywide torrential rains.

The allocated relief funds will be transferred via the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association and are projected to be utilized for activities such as flood damage restoration, the distribution of aid supplies to displaced individuals, and the provision of support for temporary accommodation facilities.

CJ affiliates CJ CheilJedang and CJ Foodville are Also Offering Assistance by Supplying Easy-to-prepare Meals, Snacks, and Bread, among Other Relief Goods. Further Support is Being Considered Depending on the Ongoing Assessment of the Damage.

Major affiliates of CJ Group are stepping in to assist residents in the affected areas by providing necessary supplies. CJ CheilJedang is expected to donate more than 2,000 units of essential supplies focused on convenience foods and snacks, including "hetbahn," "hetbahn cupbahn," "bibigo soup dishes," and "matbam (chestnuts)," primarily to Nonsan City. CJ Foodville will distribute roughly 6,500 loaves of Tous les Jours bread to 10 flood-affected cities and counties and the servicemen of the Daegu 2nd Operation Command currently participating in flood recovery efforts.

CJ Group plans to prioritize areas that have sustained the most significant damage for its aid supply delivery while constantly monitoring the situation on the ground and evaluating the need for additional support measures.

In a statement, CJ Group noted, "We've established this fund to provide some assistance to those residents who have suffered due to the abrupt, heavy rainfall experienced across the country," adding, "We hope that everyone can return to their regular routines as quickly as possible."

In the backdrop of this, CJ Group continues its disaster response initiatives, consistently delivering relief supplies and monetary donations in the face of significant disaster situations domestically and internationally, such as the recent forest fires in Gangneung and earthquakes in Turkey.