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CJ Welfare Foundation X CJ OliveNetworks Hold CJ ONE Point Donation Campaign


In honor of Family Month, CJ Welfare Foundation will be holding the CJ ONE Point Donation Campaign Wonder Dream with CJ OliveNetworks throughout the month of May.

▲In honor of Family Month, CJ Welfare Foundation will be holding the CJ ONE Point Donation Campaign with CJ OliveNetworks throughout the month of May.

CJ Welfare Foundation holds a donation campaign with CJ OliveNetworks throughout the month of May to create a culture of giving in which everyone can participate

CJ Welfare Foundation (Chairman Lee Jay-hyun) announced that in honor of Family Month, it will be running the CJ ONE Point Donation Campaign ("Wonder Dream") in collaboration with CJ OliveNetworks throughout the month of May, starting on the 3rd.

Through 1:1 matching of donations from the giving platform CJ Donors Camp, the foundation will double the size of its support for the creative writing activities of 2,000 children

Through this donation campaign, CJ Welfare Foundation will provide local children's centers with literary and creative activity kits containing a sketchbook, colored pencils, and crayons to help culturally marginalized children express their creativity. In particular, CJ's giving platform, CJ Donors Camp, will double the donation through a 1:1 match, with the goal of supporting 2,000 children.

Together with CJ ONE, a lifestyle membership service operated by CJ OliveNetworks, the foundation has been working to spread a culture of giving by donating CJ ONE points for seven years, starting with the 'Resonance of One Meal' campaign in 2017. Wonder Dream is a donation culture activity that anyone can participate in. To do so, you can access the CJ Donors Camp website or CJ ONE app, click on the 'Wonder Dream' banner, and donate as much as you want using your CJ ONE points, credit card, or mobile phone payment service.

In addition, donors who participate in quiz events on the CJ ONE app will receive meaningful gifts, such as , a collection of works from a literary contest through which you can get a glimpse of children’s dreams, and a set of colored pencils.

The foundation will publish a new book, "The Room Where Dreams Grow," a collection of works from the 8th Dream Nurturing Literary Contest and hold an exhibition both online and offline

This year's 'Wonder Dream' campaign will support 2,000 children from local children's centers who will participate in CJ Donors Camp’s 9th Dream Nurturing Literary Contest to be held this fall. Since 2015, CJ Welfare Foundation has provided opportunities for children to find their dreams and talents at local children's centers across the country through the 'Dream Nurturing Literary Contest', through which has published a collection of the winning works, , and held a commemorative exhibition.

“We organized this donation campaign with CJ OliveNetworks to support children develop their diverse dreams through creative writing and share them with many people,” said a source from CJ Welfare Foundation. "We will continue to strive to support their healthy growth through various cultural and social contribution activities for children and youth."

The recently published eighth book of this series, titled "The Room Where Dreams Grow," is a collection of winners from the CJ Welfare Foundation's "Dream Nurturing Literary Contest," a program that encourages children's literary creation. The foundation will hold an exhibition in celebration of this both online in the Metaverse space and offline at N Seoul Tower, starting from the 4th. This year, CJ OliveNetworks, which is sympathetic to the cause of the project, will produce the competition winners as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and showcase them as digital content. At the offline exhibition, the digital human "Segye" created by AI voice and face generation technology will be utilized to help visitors enjoy the works along with the exhibition commentary. Visitors can also buy merchandise, such as paper wallets and postcards created, using the IPs of the winning children's works.