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CJ Freshway kicks off a nationwide direct delivery service through an open food ingredient market


CJ Freshway kicks off a nationwide direct delivery service through an open food ingredient market

▶ A view of the FreshOne Gangnam Center in Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. FreshOne is a food distribution arm of CJ Freshway that supplies food ingredients to restaurants founded in 2010.

FreshOne, a CJ Freshway subsidiary dedicated to supplying food to restaurants, enters Food Spring, an open market for food ingredients.

FreshOne, a food distribution arm of CJ Freshway that supplies food ingredients to restaurants, entered Food Spring, an open market for food materials, and began a service delivering food directly to restaurants across the country. Established in 2010, FreshOne distributes over 30,000 products to local restaurants through a cold chain logistics system from seven locations, including Greater Seoul, Daejeon, Gwangju, Daegu, and Busan.

CJ Freshway plans to provide customized food ingredients to restaurants throughout the country as FreshOne has now entered Food Spring. Restaurant owners, who previously had to search for quality ingredients daily, can now receive high-quality products delivered by CJ Freshway and FreshOne anytime, anywhere.

CJ Freshway offers a wide range of products at reasonable prices delivered directly to anywhere in the country through cold chain logistics.

Today, FreshOne provides a direct delivery service through which Food Spring customers can receive the product the next day for enhanced convenience. The regions covered by the service are Gyeonggi-do, Chungcheong-do, Gyeongsang-do, and Jeolla-do with more areas to be included gradually.

In celebration of FreshOne joining Food Spring, Food Spring will hold a special event, FreshOne Direct Delivery Comes to Town, until the 28th of this month. Food will be available at up to 39% discount and products will be delivered for free if you spend more than KRW 30,000.

CJ Freshway strategically collaborates with marketboro, which it had invested in last year to set up a database of food purchased by restaurants nationwide.

FreshOne entered Food Spring through a strategic partnership between CJ Freshway and marketboro. With the deal, Food Spring secured over 40,000 customers, who found it appealing to go beyond the tight boundaries of the offline food distribution market and tap into the online platform to check and compare the food prices in real time.

In June last year, CJ Freshway opened the Business Section in Food Spring. CJ Freshway offered more than 6,000 products ranging from agricultural, fishery, livestock products, to processed foods at reasonable prices to food businesses in Seoul. Through the experience, the company compiled large amounts of data on preferred products and the average amount paid by businesses. Now that the delivery area has expanded from Seoul to the entire country after the company entered FreshOne, CJ Freshway plans to collect an even vaster amount of data to make a more detailed product sourcing and service plans and use the data to develop solutions tailored to different customers. Customized solutions here refer to the tailored products and services CJ Freshway proposes to customers in consideration of their business landscape and characteristics.

A CJ Freshway representative said, “Large-scale logistics infrastructure is now integrated with an online platform to deliver products from CJ Freshway and FreshOne directly to restaurants across the country. We hope that the collaboration with Food Spring will present a customized solution to restaurant owners who have had difficulty in finding quality food ingredients.”