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“Work-from-home in Jeju”: Satellite office ‘CJ ENM Jeju’, an innovative attempt at ‘workcation’

“Work-from-home in Jeju”: Satellite office ‘CJ ENM Jeju’, an innovative attempt at ‘workcation’

Striving to create a flexible work environment through the implementation of ideas such as working from home and flexible working, CJ ENM is experimenting with a new personnel system that makes active use of the contact-free work environment that has become routine due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

Living in and working from Jeju for a month, events to get rid of the Monday blues such as a live quiz show and lucky bag, and the revolutionary holiday system

CJ ENM is test-operating the so-called ‘CJ ENM Jeju’ for 3 months by setting up a satellite office in Woljeong-ri, Jeju in October. The company announced on the 10th that it will run this project as an official personnel system starting February 2022. Employees going there are to perform the same duties but in a different place for a month. Just like the pilot period, 10 employees will be selected every month. CJ ENM will choose employees across as many job categories and ranks as possible, including the production staff planning programs and general staff without space constraints. Those working at the Jeju Office will receive 2 million KRW a month to cover lodging expenses and transportation costs, allowing them to stay wherever they want and to enjoy their free time outside working hours. It is a revolutionary system that makes the dream of living in Jeju for a month come true while still working.

CJ ENM attempts to break away from the conventional concept of an office as being a fixed space by keeping pace with the contact-free trend through ‘CJ ENM Jeju,’ thereby motivating employees and boosting their morale. It is a groundbreaking attempt that combines the recently emerging remote/smart work trend with the effect of refreshing oneself.

CJ ENM conducts a unique personnel system in line with the contact-free trend

Most CJ ENM employees that participated in the pilot program showed a positive response, providing all kinds of positive feedback, such as ‘Work efficiency increased compared to working at the head office’, ‘I could work more creatively in an unfamiliar environment even when doing the same work as before’, and ‘It was a good chance to promote in-house networks by closely interacting with members of other organizations I otherwise would not have met’. “We’re going to implement the official program considering all the positive and negative feedback,” said an HR officer at CJ ENM in charge of Jeju Office. “We will try a number of ideas in bringing innovation to working hours, space, and methods.”

CJ ENM is also striving to boost the organization’s mood, which has been brought down by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, by holding events to get rid of the Monday blues every month starting this January. These events include a lucky bag draw, flower photo zone and flower wrapping with the in-house flower arrangement club, an arcade and board games for ‘Kidults Day,’ and real-time live quiz show ‘EN Quiz.’ At the end of October, the company also held Halloween events to get rid of Monday blues by setting up a Halloween photo booth and giving out cookies and gifts.

CJ ENM also opened the ‘ENTalk’ service, an online communication platform for employees, on August 25 (Wed). Based on the awareness that employees have fewer chances to communicate due to the prolonged and routinized scheme of working from home, ENTalk offers various features such as sharing everyday life like social media, exchanging opinions, and making suggestions about the company, and sharing good tips and information. ENTalk guarantees perfect anonymity using the external server Amazon Web Server (AWS). By guaranteeing anonymous and free communication, employees can seek advice and share their difficulties, while interacting with one another in a variety of forms. Furthermore, their needs can be quickly captured so that the company’s systems and infrastructure can be improved.

Moreover, ENM employees can also take a break or enjoy cultural activities, such as movies or exhibitions, with 4 hours of BI (Break for Invent) every other week without needing approval from the superiors. They can also take leave for one month every 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years of service. In this way, they can refresh themselves during their leave by doing things such as staying overseas for a month or seeking self-improvement. There is currently a grace period for this leave because it is difficult to take an overseas trip due to COVID-19.

“Since CJ ENM must provide its viewers with pleasure and excitement, the team members must also have fun at work in order to produce great results,” said Je-kang Jeon, head of CJ ENM Organizational Culture Innovation Team. “Working methods are rapidly changing, so we’re trying to resolve the issue of the longer distance between the company and the employees by trying out a number of new ideas to impress and excite them.”