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CJ Logistics rated A for two consecutive years in the ESG assessment conducted by the Korea Corporate Governance Service


Integrated global supply chain services company, CJ Logistics, received an outstanding rating, grade A, in the “ESG evaluation and the rating announcement on companies listed in 2021” released by the Korea Corporate Governance Service (KCGS). CJ Logistics has received a grade of A in overall areas for two consecutive years since last year, acquiring an A in environment (E), an A+ in social (S), and an A in governance (G).

Commended for efforts to enhance safety and compliance, pursuit for green logistics by switching to zero-carbon cars and eco-friendly packaging

A CJ Logistics employee charging an electric delivery truck

▶ A CJ Logistics employee charging an electric delivery truck

The KCGS is a leading ESG ratings institution regarded as having the highest credibility among ESG assessments in Korea. The institution evaluates, studies, and investigates corporate governance and social responsibilities. According to KCGS, the ESG evaluations this year were conducted on 950 listed companies, and the ratings for 765 companies listed on the stock market were announced based on a seven-grade rating scheme that consist of S, A+, A, B+, B, C, and D. Of 765 corporations, 171 companies, approximately 22% of them, were rated A, while 58% of them were rated B or less.

CJ Logistics newly set up an ESG Committee, its highest decision-making body for ESG, within the board of directors in May earlier this year. It also formed an ESG governance council and a dedicated team in an effort to establish ESG strategies. The company also joined the Environment Ministry’s campaign, “100% conversion into zero-emission cars by 2030,” under which the Ministry aims to convert the vehicles currently operated by companies in Korea, including trucks and commercial vehicles, into electric and/or hydrogen cars by 2030. CJ Logistics has introduced environment-friendly packaging, such as sustainable ice packs and cushion papers, with the company also continuing to develop ecological logistics materials, including environment-friendly coolers and a one-touch box for automatic packaging to be deployed on site.

In addition, CJ Logistics is building a safe management system by strengthening activities that promote safety and health, such as safety training for employees and health counseling services. In September this year, the company earned ISO37301 (Compliance management systems), an international standard on management systems, for the first time in Korea in the logistics sector, paving the way for improved compliance management.

A CJ Logistics representative said, “We will fulfill our social responsibility as an integrated global logistics company representing Korea. Moving forward, CJ Logistics will continue to spearhead efforts to discover and practice its ESG agenda.”