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'Meet producer Na Young-seok in the metaverse!' tvN opens the first metaverse world ‘Joy Land!'


“Meet producer Na Young-seok in the metaverse!”

Meet producer Na Young-seok in the metaverse world ‘Joy Land’!

– Filled with entertainment including popular tvN content experiences, such as ‘Hospital Playlist,’ ‘Great Escape’, and ‘Amazing Saturday’!

– An eye-catching special time lineup from Na Young-seok to Eun Ji-won-Kyuhyun-Shindong-Yoo Byung-jae!

tvN presents the first metaverse world in the industry

tvN presents the first metaverse world in the industry, opening ‘Joy Land’ on October 9th (Sat).

For the past 15 years, tvN has been presenting unique, differentiated content mainly targeting consumers aged 20-49 who set the trends. tvN first started operating on October 9th, 2006, and has now established itself as a channel that leads the media industry. tvN has been consistently striving to offer joy and pleasure to the viewers, and these efforts have seen tvN grow internationally as the leading channel in K-content.

In celebration of the 15th anniversary, tvN is presenting ‘Joy Land’ on the 9th (Sat) where users can experience its content using the ‘metaverse’. Since the channel has high viewer ratings and attention index based on its powerful fandom, it has adopted the metaverse concept that has risen rapidly as a new trend among Generation MZ, building the first service platform in the industry for the fandom. In particular, there is now a space where fans all over the world can gather together with the benefits of the metaverse to overcome physical limitations.

Through the metaverse with all its freedom, ‘Joy Land’ also provides differentiated experiences that could not have been possible in real life. When users first enter ‘Joy Land,’ tvN Friends ‘Jeulmingi,’ ‘producer Na Young-seok,’ New Journey to the West ‘Myohan,’ and other non-player characters (NPCs) greet them at the Welcome Wall. Anyone can pretend that they are the main characters of popular tvN item in ‘Joy Land.’ For example, users can visit Yulje Medical Center, the setting of the drama ‘Hospital Playlist,’ and participate in a room escape mission with a time limit as in the entertainment show ‘Great Escape.’ They can also play the games in ‘New Journey to the West’ and ‘Amazing Saturday’ with others or look around the office that appears in the drama ‘Jirisan’, which is set to premiere soon. In addition, users can have their avatars wear the military uniform in the drama ‘Crash Landing on You’ or even taste the dishes that appeared in the entertainment show ‘Youn’s Stay.’

The special time lineup featuring special guests also builds up the expectations for ‘Joy Land.’ On the 18th (Mon), Eun Ji-won, Kyuhyun, and Na Young-seok will explore ‘Joy Land’ and host ‘New Journey to the West’ games, and Shindong and Yoo Byung-jae will host ‘Great Escape’ games. Some fans will also be given the chance to play the games with them. Various other events will further add to the fun, such as finding Lee Eun-ji, Kim Sung-won, and Seo Tae-hoon from ‘Comedy Big League’ in a game of hide-and-seek and taking selfies with them. The cast members of ‘Amazing Saturday’ and ‘Comedy Big League’ will also be there to enjoy ‘Joy Land.’

“tvN has always held the ‘tvN Joy Festival’ for viewers to actually experience our content,” said Kim Jae-in, director of Marketing & Design Bureau at CJ ENM IP Operations. “This year we’re presenting ‘Joy Land’ to provide a whole new experience for our viewers by applying the ‘metaverse,’ the hottest keyword of the year, to our content. We hope you enjoy experiencing the tvN content and communicating with celebrities in the metaverse.”

tvN Metaverse World ‘Joy Land’ will be open from October 9th (Sat) to 24th (Sun). ‘Joy Land’ is the first metaverse world in the industry presented by the collaboration of tvN and DitoLand of sandbox game developer UTPlus Interactive.