Kyung-eun Bae won the Shin Sae Gae KLPGA Championship


Kyung-eun Bae (20.CJ), who has successfully confirmed her joining to the next LPGA Tour in 2006 by ranking 3rd on the prize money in the second LPGA tour of this season, won the championship prize in tree years of her entry in KLPGA. In the 27th Shin Sae Gae KLPGA Championship (Total prize money is 300 million KRW) on Sep. 30th at Free Country Club in Yeoju, Kyunggi-do (Par 72·6373 Yard), Kyung-eun Bae closed out her third round of two-under-par 70 and became the winner by resulting the total of eleven-under-par 205.


After her second winning at the LG Ladies Card Open Tournament in 2002, this becomes the third honorable cup in three years’ of her play in domestic field. Kyung-eun Bae participated for domestic tournament only four times this year nonetheless, she took the first and the second place each for all four tournaments. Because of her never ending pursuit, Kyung-eun Bae has granted her place in ‘top 10,’ and currently she is aiming for her first ‘queen position of prize money’ by racing toward her goal.