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Give children a space where their dreams can grow! Let's start the ‘Dream Study Room’ campaign!


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Over the last 15 years, CJ Donors Camp has been providing a variety of support in children/adolescent welfare scenes to help them discover their dreams and to grow healthily through cultural activities by participating in cultural, creative and personality education.

So far, around 4,000 children’s centers and 1.66 million underprivileged children and adolescents across the country have been given various cultural experiences and education opportunities through CJ Donors Camp's support.

Nevertheless, there are still many children and adolescents who need support and this is more urgent than ever now due to the current COVID-19 crisis. In particular, environment improvement, such as improvement of residential environments, might be the support they need the most.

There are more underprivileged children exposed to poor residential environments than we think, and most study rooms, where they spend most of their time, also have a poor environment.

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In such bad spaces, they are unable to have dreams nor can they see their dreams grow.

As such, providing a good space is crucial to those underprivileged children. A good space and a good environment can become a driver that enables children to freely develop their dreams, helps reduce educational inequality and even changes their life!

Having conducted donation campaigns for underprivileged children every year, CJ Donors Camp is launching a special campaign this year to transform study room environments into spaces where children can let their dreams grow. Bucketplace, the No.1 interior design platform that believes good space changes our lives, it also working with us on this campaign.

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The name of the campaign is ‘Dream Study Room’ and as we mentioned earlier, the goal is to improve study room environments where children can let their dreams grow. This campaign will be held from July 20 to August 24.

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You can join this campaign very easily by donating either your CJ ONE points or cash.

☞ Go to the Dream Study Room campaign page!

When you make a donation, CJ Donors Camp will double the amount by matching your donation, and with your donations, experts from Bucketplace will be able to work on improving the environment of local children's centers, group homes and childcare centers used by underprivileged children. Your love-filled donation means you can take part in protecting the dreams of those children and potentially change their lives.

With the ‘Dream Study Room’ campaign, CJ Donors Camp and Bucketplace put our strengths together to help our children learn in a cleaner, safer, and more pleasant environment and create a better society for everyone.

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We look forward to your participation and support. CJ Donors Camp will continue to provide better living and basic education while striving to reduce the inequality of cultural education!