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CJ Logistics publishes a sustainability report containing its ESG performance


CJ Logistics published a sustainability report containing information on its ESG performance. With the growing social interest in ESG these days, the company decided to openly disclose its performance in this report. The company’s green logistics performance in its active response to climate change is considered particularly

Containing ESG performance in Korea and overseas in 2019-2020, with a focus on green logistics performance for climate change response

CJ Logistics employees holding up the ‘CJ Logistics Sustainability Report 2019-2020’.

▶ CJ Logistics employees holding up the ‘CJ Logistics Sustainability Report 2019-2020’.

CJ Logistics announced on the 20th that it has published the ‘CJ Logistics Sustainability Report 2019-2020’ containing its ESG performance for the past two years (2019-2020). It shows ESG performance not only in Korea but also in global business sites in other countries such as the U.S., China, and Vietnam

The report presents a feature on the company’s history and congratulatory messages from customers in celebration of the 90th anniversary of its foundation in 2020, followed by the key sustainability issues of CJ Logistics, such as climate change response, safety and health management, and core competitiveness activities and performance. The key issues have been selected among 29 major issues related to ESG management based on interest from internal/external stakeholders and business impact.

Performance in climate change response in particular stands out among the key issues. CJ Logistics is acknowledged for its efforts in leading green logistics with electric vehicles and plastic upcycling, which the company has continued to carry forward to actively respond to climate change. The company is the first in the industry to operate 1-ton electric freight vehicles on site since November 2020 and will replace all vehicles with electric vehicles by 2030. CJ Logistics is also carrying on with the plastic upcycling business to reduce carbon emissions. The company introduced uniforms and pallets made from upcycled plastic to the logistics sites in March and April. CJ Logistics plans to keep making the necessary supplies by upcycling plastic. The company’s green logistics has won global recognition and was introduced as a best practice of ESG at the UN International Webinar on Sustainable Private Sector in December 2020.

Also disclosed is the ESG Fact Book containing quantitative and qualitative ESG performance and informed regarding the formation of the ESG Committee and an exclusive organization

The report also has a separate ESG Fact Book to meet the increasing demand for information disclosure on ESG performance from various stakeholders. This Fact Book shows the quantitative and qualitative performance of each ESG indicator, such as environment, social, and governance.

The CJ Logistics Sustainability Report was first published in 2017, and every year the company openly discloses its environmental, social, and governance activities and performance in the report. This report can be viewed and downloaded on the CJ Logistics website.

“We’re striving to provide stable lifestyle logistics services for citizens and create shared value despite the national crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said an official at CJ Logistics. “We will become a sustainable company that actively fulfills our social and environmental responsibilities by reinforcing the ESG management system.”

CJ Logistics established the ESG Committee within the board of directors on the 6th to reinforce ESG management. The committee is comprised of CJ Logistics CEO Kang Sin-Ho, Parcel Business Unit CEO Shin Young-Soo, and four non-executive directors, and former Chairman of the Financial Services Commission Yim Jong-Yong, who is a non-executive director, was appointed Chairman of the ESG Committee. The ESG Committee is in charge of establishing and managing the strategies and direction related to the environment, social, and governance. The company also plans to increase its executive ability in ESG management by forming an exclusive organization for ESG. (The end)