Took the First Place in the Box-office


, that has premiered on September 23rd (Director Jin-pyeo Park and B.O.M Film Productions), ranked the first place by attracting 180 thousand people in Seoul at the end of its premiered week. Until 25th, 917 thousand people (including people from fee-charging previews and premiere eve events) have seen the movie throughout the country.


sunshine> has gained public favor through the general and fee-charging previews, and the favorable criticism from the audiences after the previews has worked as a key for the movie's success. CJ Entertainment that took care of the film's distribution is overwhelmed because of its record on premiering largest number with a a melo-movie (440 movie theaters in Korea), and the movie touched off a furor across the nation in the weekend,


sunshine> is favorably commented since the first day of its premier (Viewer's average points after seeing the movie was
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