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2020 MAMA Confirmed to Take Place on Sunday, December 6


The Mnet Asian Music Awards (hereinafter, “MAMA”), Asia's most prestigious music awards ceremony which unites people as one through music, will be held remotely this year.

2020 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) to be held in South Korea

 MAMA is set to take place on December 6 as a non-face-to-face festival, for the first time in its history

▲ MAMA is set to take place on December 6 as a non-face-to-face festival, for the first time in its history.

Entertainment and lifestyle company CJ ENM announced today, September 21, that it would hold the 2020 MAMA in South Korea on December 6 this year.

MAMA, a global music awards ceremony held by CJ ENM, started as Mnet “Video Music Awards” in 1999 and transformed into MAMA in 2009, taking its current shape. MAMA has been showcasing innovative performances to music fans around the world each year by making best use of CJ Group’s cultural and technological capabilities, and this year, the festival is set to take place as a non-face-to-face award ceremony for the first time in its history.

MAMA has made several new, unique attempts at holding the ceremony over the years, including ‘MAMA Week’, which toured three regions in Asia, and choosing a dome with a capacity of 40,000 people as a venue, so it will definitely be worth watching how this year's online edition of the festival will surprise music fans. In addition, as the festival has been setting trends with innovative performances year after year, people's attention is also on whether it will succeed in setting yet another milestone this year.

“We will deliver to music fans the best global music festival featuring performances that make the best use of our extensive technology and know-how.”

A CJ ENM official said, “Asia's most prestigious music awards ceremony, MAMA, has been going from strength to strength by always making attempts at innovation. I think this year’s installment of the festival, which will be held non-face-to-face, is also a good opportunity for growth. We will stage the best performances by making use of our accumulated technology and know-how so that MAMA can shine as truly the best global music festival in the world.”

The global music awards ceremony MAMA is the product of CJ Group’s unwavering belief and vigorous investment in the culture business. Going beyond simply being a year-end music awards ceremony, MAMA has established itself as the largest music festival enjoyed by music fans around the world, an avenue for spreading popular Asian music and a global communication channel for musicians.