Bibigo Mandu is No.1 on! CJ CheilJedang boosts online business in China


CJ CheilJedang is boosting online business in China with its matchless product quality and is producing tangible results.  

Online sales are increasing, with the sales from the 618 Shopping Festival 6 times greater than the previous year Bibigo Mandu exclusive online page (May 22)

▲ Bibigo Mandu exclusive online page (May 22)

CJ CheilJedang announced on the 1st that its ‘Bibigo Mandu’ has secured the top place in market share for April (31%) and May (33%) in the dumpling/wonton category of China’s No. 2 online commerce platform In addition, its online business is growing rapidly, showing 6 times greater sales than the previous year in key products, such as Bibigo Mandu, Bibigo soup products, Hetbahn Cupbahn, etc. at the 618 Event, which is China’s biggest online shopping festival held in June.

This performance has been accelerated by the establishment of the Online Business Team at the China Office last year. As the retail leadership in China has rapidly changed from online to offline channels, CJ CheilJedang established an exclusive online department to capture the market trends faster than others and promote competitiveness. Moreover, it has enhanced its competencies by sharing information with Jixiangju, which was acquired by CJ in 2011 and currently has the biggest market share in the sauce category on Tmall, China’s No. 1 online shopping mall. 

Setting new guidelines for the frozen food market in China

 In June, CJCheilJedang held an offline event to promote brand awareness.

▲ In June, CJCheilJedang held an offline event to promote brand awareness.

CJ CheilJedang’s differentiated efforts to promote brand awareness have also been effective. In fact, the company held the ‘Winter Solstice Mandu’ event that promotes the benefits of ‘Bibigo Mandu’ with the concept of '大有不同' (everything is different) in December 2019, in time for the Winter Solstice (Dongzhi) when Chinese people eat dumplings. The company also held ‘Bibigo Brand Day’ events twice this year, imprinting Korea’s leading brand ‘Bibigo’ for Chinese consumers.

Based on these efforts, the company’s sales have grown by 13 times in the online channel over the course of 18 months after starting the online business, expanding the scope of its performance to HMR products, such as Bibigo soup products, Hetbahn Cupbahn, Tteokbokki, etc. in addition to ‘Bibigo Mandu’.

CJ CheilJedang will continue to promote its competitiveness in the online channel with a focus on ‘Bibigo Mandu’. Chinese people eat dumplings on a daily basis and thus the amount of consumption is constantly increasing, but its entry barrier is high since the top 3 companies in China take up 7-80% of the market share.

Accordingly, CJ CheilJedang plans to increase options for consumers based on its competitiveness in differentiated and localized products and offer various products and promotional events to target the Chinese HMR market, which has only just begun to grow.

“More and more Chinese consumers now tend to choose products based on quality rather than price, which may bring us many opportunities,” said Jun-seok Kang, manager of the Food China Team at CJ CheilJedang. “We’re going to further increase the brand experience both online and offline and try to set new guidelines for the Chinese frozen food market with differentiated products.”