Global leaders claim that CJ CheilJedang’s food production technology is “world-class”


- CJ hosts the CJ Blossom Campus tour for global opinion leaders in Korea and introduces Korean food culture and K-Food
- Opinion leaders visit ‘History Theater’ and ‘Hetbahn Museum’ with a focus on experience, discovering CJ’s world-class production competitiveness

CJ Friends of K-Culture

CJ Friends of K-Culture

CJ CheilJedang hosted the tour of ‘CJ Blossom Campus’, which is the advanced base for globalization of K-Food, for global opinion leaders in Korea. This tour was organized as part of the 'CJ Friends of K-Culture' program that provides an opportunity for global opinion leaders to experience Korean culture using the business infrastructure of CJ Group.

With 10 participants from 7 countries including U.S. Agricultural Counselor, Russian ambassador and his wife, and Canadian ambassador and his wife, the event provided an occasion to introduce and share opinions about Korean food culture and globalization of K-Food. The ‘CJ Blossom Campus’ tour was focused on experience so that the participants could see and experience CJ CheilJedang’s advanced food production process and HMR production technology for themselves.

The participants also experienced CJ CheilJedang’s history and brand through the Circle-Vision 360° at ‘History Theater’. They also visited ‘Hetbahn Museum’ where they could touch and feel everything about rice and cooked rice, and vividly learn the food culture revolution brought by Hetbahn. They could also watch the actual Hetbahn production process in operation at ‘Hetbahn Smart Factory’ in ‘Hetbahn Museum’, looking at the world-class food production competitiveness of CJ.

“I’ve been aware that CJ CheilJedang is a major food company, but I just learned through this visit how much effort the company is putting into globalization of K-Food based on various food-related ideas and advanced technology, and I was quite impressed,” said Ron P. Verdonk, Agricultural Counselor of the U.S. Embassy in Korea.

CJ CheilJedang has held this ‘CJ Friends of K-Culture’ program twice this year, actively leading the globalization of K-Food. “This CJ Blossom Campus tour was a chance to let the world know of CJ CheilJedang’s state-of-the-art technology,” an official at CJ CheilJedang said. “We’re going to continue providing various opportunities to experience Korean food culture and become the world’s best total food company based on CJ CheilJedang’s advanced technology and the excellence of Korean food.”

CJ Group has been hosting the ‘CJ Friends of K-Culture’ program 4-5 times a year since 2014, introducing and promoting Korean culture to global opinion leaders in Korea. The program promotes Korean culture with cooking classes, film screenings and bazaars and has had over 1,100 participants since 2014. (The end)