CJ CheilJedang launches a global commercial for Bibigo targeting US consumers aged 20-35


CJ CheilJedang sets out to promote the leading global Korean food brand 'Bibigo’ right before the official PGA competition 'The CJ Cup @ Nine Bridges (THE CJ CUP)'.

CJ CheilJedang launches global TV commercial for Bibigo in the US starting from the 17th, targeting the millennials aged 20-35 that prefer new experiences

Bibigo global commercial screenshot
▲ Bibigo global commercial screenshot

CJ CheilJedang announced on the 11th that it will launch a global TV commercial for Bibigo in the US starting from the 17th. Just like last year, the commercial is made to target the millennials aged 20-35 in the US that prefer new experiences and diversity. They are presumed to be the consumers willing to naturally accept Korean food and culture that may seem somewhat unfamiliar.

The commercial features local millennials enjoying Bibigo’s signature product ‘MANDU’ for picnics, parties and everyday life. Showing them an image of people enjoying ‘Bibigo Mandu’ with family and friends, the commercial emphasizes the copy ‘Too good not to share’. To also break the stereotype that Korean food is hard to cook, the film also shows ‘Bibigo Korean Royal Court Dumplings (Wang Gyoja)’ and ‘Bibigo Mini Wontons’ being easily fried on a frying pan or conveniently cooked in a microwave.

Will be aired on the Golf Channel on NBC in the US and expected to maximize Bibigo’s brand exposure effect with live broadcast during ‘THE CJ CUP’

Bibigo's global commercial will be aired on the Golf Channel on NBC in the US during the PGA competition 'THE CJ CUP', which is a channel broadcast in 84 countries worldwide. CJ CheilJedang expects that the TV commercial will maximize Bibigo’s brand exposure effect all over the world in association with Bibigo’s publicity through ‘THE CJ CUP’ live broadcast.

“We decided to launch the commercial during the world-renowned golf tournament season to introduce the Bibigo brand and the value of Korean food to the world based on the message to ‘Share Korean Flavor’, which is Bibigo’s slogan,” said Park Jeong-Yoon, the manager of CJ CheilJedang’s Bibigo Team. “It will make people think of Korean food and Bibigo at times when they want to share something delicious in everyday life.”

Led by Bibigo, CJ CheilJedang will participate as the official sponsor of the 3rd CJ CUP to be held from October 17 to 20 at Club Nine Bridges in Jeju. This year’s CJ CUP will feature global PGA tour stars including defending champion and World Ranking No. 1 Brooks Koepka, as well as Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Sergio García, receiving global attention as the ‘war of the stars’.