CJ CheilJedang Bibigo officially sponsors The CJ Cup @ Nine Bridges


CJ CheilJedang is aiming to promote its global Korean food brand Bibigo at the official PGA competition 'The CJ Cup @ Nine Bridges'.

CJ CheilJedang participates in the 3rd CJ CUP as official sponsor to accelerate globalization of Korean food with Bibigo

'2019 THE CJ CUP' Bibigo poster
▲ '2019 THE CJ CUP' Bibigo poster

CJ CheilJedang announced on the 8th that it will be participating with Bibigo as official sponsor of the 3rd CJ CUP to be held from October 17 to 20 at Club Nine Bridges in Jeju. Starting with Genesis Open held in the US back in February, the company has officially sponsored a total of seven PGA tournaments this year including the CJ CUP.

This year’s CJ CUP will feature global PGA tour stars including defending champion and World Ranking No. 1 Brooks Koepka, as well as Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Sergio García. THE CJ CUP is attracting global attention as the ‘war of the stars’ and will be broadcast live on TV to over 220 countries worldwide. The company will be able to introduce the Bibigo brand to the world again this year through the official sponsorship.

Will operate Korean food sampling booth ‘Taste Bibigo’ and sell Korean dishes using Jeju ingredients and Bibigo products

CJ CheilJedang will operate ‘Taste Bibigo’, a Bibigo concession booth at four major golf courses and the Gallery Plaza. ‘Taste Bibigo’ will sell finger foods and Bansang (traditional Korean-style combination of dishes for one person) using Jeju ingredients and Bibigo products. Unlike last year, one of the booths will be set up at the 18th hole to increase attention.

This year, various Korean dishes will be presented including ‘Bibicone’, ‘Korean Corn Dog’, Japchae and Korean Royal Court Dumplings (Wang Gyoja). Some dishes are sold exclusively at THE CJ CUP only, such as ‘Bibiball’ that is bibimbap in the shape of a golf ball and ‘Bibimbar’ to conveniently hold and eat bibimbap out of one’s hand.

CJ CheilJedang will operate the 13th hole as Bibigo Hole based on its brand philosophy to ‘be there to share delicious food in everyday life’. There will be an event called ‘Bibigo Chef-Go’ that will throw a K-food party worth $500 thousand for the first player to make a hole-in-one at Bibigo Hole. The company also plans to donate $500 thousand to youth golf training organizations in the name of Bibigo and the player.

“Through last year’s CJ CUP and the six PGA competitions in the US this year, the whole world could taste and enjoy Bibigo.” said Son Eun-Kyung, head of the food marketing division at CJ CheilJedang. “This year’s CJ CUP will feature a greater variety of dishes and events, focusing on establishing Bibigo as a leading global Korean food brand both in name and reality.”

Meanwhile, following the pristine image of Jeju and the eco-friendly keynote of Club Nine Bridges, CJ CheilJedang has installed garbage collection bags made with eco-friendly materials throughout the venue starting this year. The company also carried out activities to draw the attention of the local and global gallery as well as the participants to the importance of the environment during the competition.