O’live Young unveils its new brand identity logo on the occasion of its 20th anniversary


O’live Young is set to transform itself. O’live Young's strategy is to reestablish its brand system and further strengthen its distinguished brand identity with a new logo and store design.

O’live Young to earnestly strengthen its “Healthy Beauty” brand identity

New brand identity logo of O’live Young
▲ New brand identity logo of O’live Young

On the 25th, South Korea’s iconic health & beauty brand O’live Young announced that it had reestablished its brand system and renewed its logo to further solidify its brand identity, “Healthy Beauty,” on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. O’live Young has infused its newly defined brand value and overall services with a determination to change and innovate.

In 1999, O’live Young began pioneering the health & beauty (H&B) store market, which had not existed before. O’live Young has been leading lifestyle trends among Korean people in their 20s and 30s offering various health & beauty products in South Korea and overseas, and it has also been taking the lead in discovering value-for-money products produced by SMEs based in South Korea.

O’live Young plans to further strengthen the value of the “O’live Young” brand, going beyond simply being a place to shop, and this is because brand identity strategies have become very crucial as trends have been changing drastically over the past years. In this reorganization, O’live Young focused on strengthening its brand values, “Healthy Beauty” and “Newness in Everyday Life,” while retaining its beloved brand DNA.

Changes in O’live Young’s Brand Positioning

Changes in O’live Young’s Brand Positioning

Before change After change
Business definition A playground for trend-leading shoppers A place that curates healthy beauty
Brand mission Create new shopping value with differentiated H&B products and lead customers’ lifestyles Give inspiration and energy to customers so that they can make their everyday life healthy and beautiful by themselves
Brand values Beauty, trends, value for money Healthy beauty, newness in everyday life

O’live Young first changed its business definition and then its brand mission and values. O’live Young has reestablished its business definition, from 2011's “The playground of Trend leading shoppers” to the clearer “The place that curates healthy beauty.”

With the reestablishment of the brand, O’live Young’s brand identity logo, store design, and uniforms have also been renewed

O’live Young employees in new uniforms are organizing goods in an O’live Young store.
▲ O’live Young employees in new uniforms are organizing goods in an O’live Young store.

Having reestablished its business definition, O’live Young has been also poised to renew its brand identity logo, store design, and uniforms.

As for the brand identity logo, the focus was put on defining the value of the brand in a more sophisticated way, rather than making a drastic change. While the symbol was left intact, the height and spacing of the letters were adjusted to change the letters into a more refined shape, thereby enhancing usability and readability in digital environments. In particular, the color of the symbol has been changed for the first time in the brand’s 20-year history. Olive green and coral orange have been newly incorporated into the color scheme to more vividly express healthy beauty.

The store design will also be updated to its 6th iteration. The store facade (exterior) has been designed with a focus on securing color recognizability for the logo. Vertical louvers or metal fabrics have been employed depending on the store to emphasize the existing gray tone and neutral design. Indirect lighting has been installed on the top and inside of the store space to make the store and logo clearly visible at night.

O’live Young plans to apply the new brand identity logo preferentially to its online shopping mall and mobile app, and it also plans to earnestly expand the application of the new store design starting this month, with new and revamped stores taking priority.

The main purpose of this change is to make O’live Young’s brand value “Healthy Beauty” recognized by customers first.

Exterior of an Olive Young store featuring the new brand identity I logo (store name: Olive Young Suji Store)
▲ Exterior of an Olive Young store featuring the new brand identity I logo (store name: Olive Young Suji Store)

There will also be a change in the system format; O’live Young stores will be divided into types, flagship stores, town stores, and standard stores according to role and size. The aim is to strengthen the local identities of the stores.

Flagship stores are stores symbolic of the brand that are at least 991.7 square meters in size and have maximized the variety of products and of experience elements, and they refer to O’live Young's Myeongdong Flagship Store and Gangnam Flagship Store. Stores representative of the major commercial districts in each region will be called town stores, and for the first time, the name of the region will be displayed to the right of the facade logo for emphasis. In addition, not only products placed in stores but also interior elements such as finishes and lighting will be made to vary according to the store format to provide a differentiated experience to customers.

Uniforms, service announcements, store background music, and shopping bags will also be changed. The intention is to channel the newly defined brand personality into the elements that both customers and employees can easily notice and relate to.

“The main purpose of this change is to make our brand identity “Healthy Beauty” recognized by customers before our shopping spaces and products are recognized by them,” an O’live Young official said. “In keeping with rapidly changing trends, we will do our best to make O'live Young's unique, unwavering brand value come across in all aspects of product and customer experiences.”

O'live Young's

Meanwhile, from the 25th to late November, O’live Young will also be conducting an advertising campaign whose key message is “O’live, soar toward a better me with your healthy and beautiful wings fully spread.” The new commercial video shows the daily lives of customers who visited O’live Young stores, and you can watch it through various avenues including O’live Young stores across South Korea, the brand's official online mall (, on TV, and on YouTube.