CJ Freshway Unveils B2B Direct Meat Trading Platform “Meat Solution”


Meat Solution

CJ Freshway, a CJ Group affiliate specializing in food distribution and group meal services headed by CEO Jong-suk Moon, has launched “Meat Solution,” a direct meat trading platform for Business-to-Business (B2B) businesses.

CJ Freshway will carry livestock brands and products of proven quality from both South Korea and overseas through Meat Solution. Meat Solution will offer CJ Freshway's own Korean beef brand “Jeongpumjin” and Korean pork brand “Oaro” as well as imported meat products from 28 brands, which CJ Freshway imports directly from about ten countries overseas.

Meat Solutions is an open market that has boldly whittled down the complicated distribution stages inherent to the meat market to connect sellers directly with consumers. With the distribution stages having been reduced, Meat Solution makes it possible for consumers to purchase meat products at prices up to 30% lower than in the conventional market. As for the imported livestock products sold on the platform, as they are directly imported and distributed by CJ Freshway itself, consumers can purchase them at prices up to 10% lower than their average online prices.

In addition to the reduction of prices, Meat Solution also pays special attention to the freshness and quality of meat. Meat Solution plans to supply fresh meat in a timely manner by having its food safety center's specialized personnel inspect its meat products, as well as by establishing a nationwide next-day delivery system.

Above all, Meat Solution provides buyers and sellers with meat price information and other useful information including how to use each part of meat. Aside from this, the platform also plans to run a community section so that foodservice businesses and butchers resolve business concerns and communicate with each other.

You can use Meat Solution by downloading the PC program or the app from mobile app stores, and any businesses with a business license can place orders on Meat Solution anytime, anywhere.

“Given that we are launching a meat direct trading platform for B2B businesses when many foodservice businesses and butchers are having a tough time due to the economic downturn and rising costs, we will do our best to provide quality meat at reasonable prices to as many businesses as possible,” a CJ Freshway official said. “In order for Meat Solution to go beyond being a platform that simply supplies meat and establish itself as a platform whereby sellers and businesses can grow together, CJ Freshway will strive to provide a diverse range of useful content.”