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CJ-UNESCO to start ‘Project Girl’s Education in Vietnam’! Providing $500,000 over three years


Promoting "Girl's Education Campaign" in conjunction with UNESCO, CJ Group is driving forward with an education support program aimed at minority girls in Vietnam.

Essential support that aims to ensure basic rights to education for Vietnamese schoolgirls

▲ A group photo from the kickoff ceremony for ‘Project Girl’s Education in Vietnam’

Early on the 25th, CJ Group held a kickoff ceremony along with UNESCO’s Vietnam headquarters for ‘Project Girl’s Education in Vietnam’ in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was announced on the 26th that more than $500,000 from funds raised by ‘CJ-UNESCO Girl’s Education campaign’ will be directed to the education support program for Vietnamese girls of ethnic minority over the next three years.

Along with UNESCO, CJ Group plans to continue improving the condition of education for local girls in Ha Giang, Ninh Thuan, and Soc Trang, where ethnic diversity is high and the standards of living could be further improved. The support program includes the development of education programs and provision of study materials for school girls, improvement of facilities that greatly impacts the quality of school life for young girls such as bathrooms and waterworks, and awareness programs on the importance of basic social education directed toward parents.

A representative from CJ said “these areas are of the lowest income level in Vietnam where schools are not equipped with functioning bathrooms, which in turn prevents older elementary school girls from going to school altogether,” and “it is imperative that support is made available in preserving the girls’ basic right to education.”

Attending the kickoff ceremony were Min Huigyeong, Director of CJ CheilJedang CSV Management, Michael Croft, Director of UNESCO Vietnam, Kamal Malhotra, UN Resident Coordinator, Nguyen Thi Ngia, Vietnam’s Vice Minister of Education, and a hundred officials from related fields.

With UNESCO, CJ Group driving global Girl’s Education campaign since 2014

In 2014, CJ Group entered into a strategic partnership with UNESCO to drive forward its global Girl’s Education campaign. CJ ENM is raising global awareness on the need for girl’s education and promoting participation through global culture platforms such as MAMA and KCON, as well as popular shows such as ‘Produce 101’. CJ Olive Networks has been taking charge in cultivating the culture of giving through its Olive Young stores, raising a total of 1.4 billion won as of last year. Funds raised in this way are accumulated together with UNESCO Malala Fund, used to improve the conditions of girl’s education in developing countries such as Vietnam, Nepal, Tanzania, and Pakistan.

Michael Croft, Director of UNESCO Vietnam, said, “I hope that the project achieves success in a young country such as Vietnam, where the ratio of the younger population is high. I also hope that it brings global awareness through CJ Group’s forte, cultural contents.”

▲ Min Heekyung, Director of CJ CheilJedang CSV Management, attending the kickoff ceremony for ‘Project Girl’s Education in Vietnam’

Min Huigyeong, Director of CJ CheilJedang CSV Management, explained, “Vietnam is a vital country for the entirety of CJ Group’s global business plans,” and said “we will do our due diligence so that the philosophy of sharing, which CJ Group has built up, can be consistently carried out overseas as well.”

CJ Group to continue corporate social contribution in Vietna`m, one of the global strategic points

CJ Group has set Vietnam as one of its global business hubs and is actively engaging in business, also contributing to local society. Most well-known is the Vietnam Rural Development CSV Project that was carried out for three years since 2014, with the help from KOICA for the goal of achieving self-sustainability of farms in Vietnam.

CJ Group supplied Korean pepper seeds to farmers in Ninh Thuan, one of the most impoverished areas in Vietnam, and shared cultivation techniques with local farmers. Entire harvests were bought back so that the households could earn a steady income. Living infrastructure and living conditions were also improved by remodeling the facility of schools and village centers and by jointly carrying out waterworks installation with K-Water. Thanks to these efforts, it was selected by Fortune, the premier American monthly on economy, as one of the seven innovative companies that are changing the world in 2016.