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CJ ‘Dream Building Academy’ selected 133 people this year!


CJ Group (Chairman Lee Jay-Hyun) will further expand the CJ Donors Camp Dream Building Academy to help unemployed youths become self-reliant. CJ’s social contribution foundation, CJ Welfare Foundation, announced on March 21 that it held the entrance ceremony at CJ HumanVille in Seoul on the morning of March 20. More than 70 people, including new CJ Donors Camp Dream Building Academy students and CJ Group officials were present at the ceremony.

▲CJ Donors Camp Dream Building Academy entrance ceremony.

CJ will increase the number of new CJ Donors Camp Dream Building Academy students to be recruited this year to a total of 133, including 63 for the cooking course (group meal service, coffee and bakery), 60 for the food service course (golf courses & concessions) and 10 for the CJ Foodville production specialist course. In the first CJ Donors Camp Dream Building Academy recruitment of the year in February, 27 students were recruited for the cooking course and 30 for the food service course.

The CJ Donors Camp Dream Building Academy, which started in 2017, is a program which selects unemployed youths, and uses the business infrastructure of CJ Group, such as the restaurant business and service business, to directly hire them through systematic education. Youth aged between 18 and 24 years of age, who struggle to receive professional employment training due to tough financial conditions, will go through professional education and recruiting processes for about 5 months, and they will then be hired by CJ affiliates. As the children in study rooms who it supported grew up and became old enough to be self-reliant, the CJ Donors Camp naturally became interested in helping them become self-reliant.

A total of 145 students were selected for the cooking, food service and production specialist course until now, and they received vocational training. Ninety three of them finished training, and got a job at CJ Group affiliates, such as CJ Foodville and CJ Freshway. The employment rate was about 65%. This year, CJ is planning to reinforce the educational program, help them obtain professional certification as well as providing existing job training, including basic theories, on-the-job training and store operations, and add character education curriculums to enhance self-esteem. It will also continue to support the mentoring by star chefs and industry experts.

“According to the philosophy that Chairman Lee Jay-Hyun has emphasized, ‘Poverty should not be passed down to children if there are few educational opportunities,’ the goal of the CJ Donors Camp Dream Building Academy is to provide youths facing insufficient opportunities with the foundation for self-reliance,” said a CJ Group official. “We will continue to expand this program so that more youths can grow into wholesome members of society.”