CSR Activities

CJ Group donates KRW 1 billion to help neighbors in need


CJ Group (Chairman Lee Jay-Hyun) started its CSR drive in the new year. On the morning of February 7, Hee-kyung Min, head of the CSR Team of CJ Group, went to visit the Community Chest of Korea in Jung-gu, Seoul, and donated KRW 2 billion to help neighbors in need. The money will be used for the welfare of the underprivileged and creating jobs for young cultural artists.

▲A ceremony for delivering the CJ Group donation to help neighbors in need.

CJ Group established CJ Welfare Foundation and CJ Culture Foundation according to the philanthropic philosophy of Chairman Lee Jay-Hyun, and has continuously carried out various projects over the past 10 years, such as educational support projects for underprivileged children and youths, occupational education programs linked to jobs, projects to encourage the self-reliance of unmarried single teenage parents, and support for new pop culture creators. It has also actively engaged in sharing activities for neighbors in need. At the end of last year, it provided as many as 100,000 heads of gimjang kimchi for more than 2,000 local children’s centers and social welfare facilities around the country, which is the largest number of gimjang kimchi ever donated in Korea.

On December 27, 2018, in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam, CJ Group held a ceremony to donate scholarship funds, and gave about 470 million Dong (about KRW 230 million) in scholarships to 115 students from elementary to university. CJ Group has been providing scholarships since 2013 to underprivileged students who are excelling in school, and the scholarship amounts are increasing year after year.

CJ Group, which is working feverishly to expand its global business, is actively engaged in CSR activities overseas as well. Last November, it received the top award, the Presidential Award, at ‘The Most Beloved Companies’ awards hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. The contributions to job creation, made by the headquarters of CJ China through the ‘CJ Foodville Confectionery and Bakery Class,’ were also recognized. In addition, in October, CJ Group donated a relief fund to the tune of 3 billion Rupiah (about KRW 240 million) to Indonesia which suffered a great deal from an earthquake and tsunami.

“I hope that people in need will be able to stay warm during this time of year,” said Hee-kyung Min, head of the CSR Team of CJ Group. “CJ Group will undertake all-out efforts to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities based on its founding philosophy of ‘Business Patriotism’ and maintain a win-win relationship with diverse members of society.”