tvN contents are now being sold in more than 100 countries


tvN’s drama and entertainment contents have been widely embraced by domestic viewers this year, and the company has achieved remarkable results by selling television rights and formats overseas. Thanks to tvN’s original and high-quality contents, its overseas sales are continuously increasing every year.

|Rights to televise <100 Days My Prince>, and are being sold to more than 100 countries around the world, including those in the Americas, Europe and Asia

▲ Much-talked-about dramas of tvN in 2018: <100 Days My Prince> and

A while ago, Wednesday and Thursday drama was pre-sold to more than 100 countries in the world, including those in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and the television rights to <100 Days My Prince> and were also sold to the terrestrial broadcasters and OTTs in more than 100 countries. entered the official competition of the Cannes International Series Festival (Canneseries), and its quality was recognized as a result.

and accounting for Wednesday, Thursday and weekend evenings

Furthermore, and , which were aired earlier this year, were aired on Netflix around the world, and attracted a great deal of popularity. In the second half of the year, and were aired on Netflix so that global viewers could enjoy tvN dramas. In particular, , which has recently received enthusiastic feedback due to its high quality, is being embraced by overseas fans on account of its original material, augmented reality, solid composition and sensible directing.

|The formats of , were also sold and are being remade in Thailand, Vietnam and Russia!

was sold to France, and was sold to Russia!

The sale of formats other than television rights is also attracting attention. The remake of was aired in Thailand, and it was sold to Applause, an Indian premium producer of movies and broadcasting contents, and will be produced next year. The format of was sold to France (Incognito Film, producer) and Japan (KTV, cable), the format of was sold to Russia (Times Media Group, producer) and will be aired next year. is now being aired by Vietnam’s HTV3 (it can be viewed on the terrestrial wave, and via satellites in Southeast Asian countries). Aside from this, the format of an OCN drama was sold to Thailand (TRUE4U).

| is receiving much acclaim in Europe where it has usually been difficult to sell formats! Its format was additionally sold to 7 countries, including France, Belgium and Poland!

is being widely embraced in Europe!

Not only tvN dramas, but also tvN entertainment contents produced tangible results overseas. , which has been faring well due to the continuous sale of its format, can now be seen in the US, Turkey and Italy, and this year, its format was additionally sold to a total of 7 countries, including France (France 3, the second largest channel in France), Holland (RTL4, a channel that owns a large media group), Poland (Polsat, the largest terrestrial channel), Russia (CTC, terrestrial), Israel (Reshet, the largest terrestrial channel), Ukraine (Novy TV, terrestrial) and Thailand (TRUE4U, terrestrial). It was already aired in some countries. In particular, the format was sold to European countries like Netherlands, Italy and Turkey where it used to be difficult to sell formats to, thus making it all the more meaningful.

|Receiving strong praise from overseas due to their unique appeal! The formats of <300> and were sold.

, and can be viewed overseas now!

entered into an options contract with the producer of the US version of The King of Masked Singers, the show runner Craig Plestis for the sale of formats. Its unique appeal was therefore recognized. Also, the format of was sold to the US. The license (The next step of the options contract as production is confirmed, thus ensuring license rights) format of and was sold to Thailand (TRUE4U, terrestrial), and they are about to be aired. will also be remade in Indonesia (GTV) and Thailand.
Jang-ho Seo, head of CJ ENM Global Contents Business, said, “The quality of tvN’s trendy and fresh programs are continuously being recognized overseas. Several dramas were presold and aired before they are aired in Korea, and I hope that our contents will gain more popularity overseas with a more powerful drama lineup next year.”Je-hyeon Kim , head of CJ ENM Media Channel Business Division, said, “tvN was embraced by viewers this past year. One again, we realized the power of tvN contents that fared well at home and abroad. Your continued interest and patronage will be greatly appreciated so that tvN will be able to provide a sense of joy to viewers with full contents.”

There is now strong interest on how tvN contents will perform at home and abroad in 2019.