'CelebShop' opens its own online mall and tries to become a global fashion select shop


CJ ENM O Shopping Division ‘CelebShop’ opens its own online mall and strives to become a global fashion select shop

- A global fashion select shop opens, which can receive orders from and ship to 89 countries including the U.S. and Thailand
- CelebShop uses its own brand Ce& and Wanna One contents to promote at 2018 KCON LA
- "We will endeavor to make into a global fashion mall specializing in contents and goods."

* Image: Ce& Wanna One T-shirts of CelebShop’s own brand are introduced on the main page of

 CelebShop, the fashion select shop of CJ ENM O Shopping Division officially launched a global online mall ( and began operations in earnest. Going beyond its sales strategy focused on infomercial, it is planning to transform it into a global fashion select shop through the online mall. It implemented the system for making it possible to order the goods of from 89 countries around the world, including the U.S., Hong Kong and Thailand, and plans to use it to accelerate the ONLYONE brand’s foray into overseas markets.

CelebShop is the online fashion select shop that O Shopping introduced back in 2009 for the first time in the industry. It has been mostly focused on introducing goods based on collaboration with domestic designers and celebrities with their own distinct flare. In 2016, O Shopping launched its own brands, such as CelebShop edition and Ce&. CelebShop edition has been introducing attire embodying the culture and artistic sensitivity of global cities like Berlin, Barcelona and Paris through the City Inspiration project, whereas Ce& collaborates with designer Tae-yong Ko, famous as a stylish fashion icon and mainly introduced garments with sensuous character design. currently sells 110 or so products with a focus on the CelebShop edition and Ce& brand. From the end of August when new F/W products are launched, it is planning to source additional designer brands and expand its portfolio to more than 300 products. is a mall exclusively for overseas customers. Its goods can be ordered from a total of 89 countries including the U.S. and Thailand. Orders are shipped through express mail service (EMS), and goods can be delivered within seven days to an address in the U.S. If the total purchase amount exceeds $200, the shipping charge is free. The average price of T-shirts is $30, and the price of outerwear, such as jackets and coats, ranges between $70 and $100.

CelebShop’s Ce& employed a popular idol group Wanna One as its model from this summer season and introduced Wanna One T-shirts, and experienced the synergy effect of combining contents with goods. CelebShop is planning to actively leverage Wanna One contents for promotion. Ce&’s Wanna One T-shirts are currently featured on the main page of Last month, CJ ENM O Shopping Division sold the Wanna One T-shirt set of Ce& at Malaysian CJ WOWSHOP, and sold 20% more than the goal, confirming its potential in the global market.

CelebShop operated a PR booth at 2018 KCON LA, which was held in Los Angeles from August 10 to August 12, and promoted to global customers. During the four days of KCON LA, a total of 21,000 customers visited the CelebShop booth. CelebShop sold Ce&’s Wanna One T-shirts to the customers who visited the booth and showcased the website. It provided those customers who signed up for membership with an opportunity to use a virtual reality (VR) device to participate in a game event and’s 10% discount coupon. 2,675 customers signed up for at the site, 34% more than its original goal, proving global customers’ high interest in CelebShop and Wanna One.

“We opened this online mall with the aim of helping CelebShop grow into a global fashion brand based on,” said an official of CJ ENM O Shopping Division. “We are planning to develop into a special global fashion mall in which customers can experience both cultural contents and goods.”

* Image: CelebShop opened a booth at 2018 KCON LA, and held an event to promote to global customers.