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CJ Welfare Foundation launches CJ Creative School


▲ CJ Donors Camp Creative School Stage held at Seoul Women's Plaza Art Hall on December 30, 2017

CJ Welfare Foundation announced on March 19 that it will operate CJ Donors Camp Creative School, a CJ Donors Camp's main Dream Building program, attended by 420 elementary and middle school students from learning centers for low-income families throughout the country for 12 weeks, from March 19 to June 8.

The Creative School, launched by CJ Donors Camp in 2013, is a program aimed to support children and youths from low-income families to develop their creative potential and nurture their dreams and personalities in a balanced way. By utilizing the food and culture business infrastructure of CJ Group, the school gives these students an opportunity to experience various jobs and cultures to help them contemplate and pursue their dreams.

- The 2018 1H program is to be started with three categories: music, film and design

The program for the first half of this year will be launched with three categories: music, film and design. CJ Donors Camp volunteers who study these areas at university will visit 35 selected learning centers once a week and give lectures for 2.5 hours. In the music class, students will create a song and plan a performance as a means to encourage the expression of their imagination and creativity. In the film class, they will develop a film by handling everything from scenario writing to directing, acting and shooting. In the design class, they will design houses and towns and connect them with each other to form a city so that they can gain a better understanding of economic and social communities.

Once the 12-week program is over, the students will gather together for CJ Donors Camp’s Creative School Stage where they will present what they learned from the program. After the 1H program, the 2H program will be run from August to December.

From this year, in particular, the Creative School program will be operated in collaboration with various social enterprises, including pop music contents provider 'Dupalro', social cooperative 'Mocine' and art and culture NGO 'ArtnSociety'. This collaboration is expected to deepen the level of proficiency in the program while providing work to social enterprises, contributing to a win-win industrial ecosystem.

- Expanding cooperation with various entities, including social enterprises

"Students who participated in Creative School exhibited improvements in confidence and sociality as they had more chances to feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence. The program also positively influences their learning attitude and friendships," said CJ Donors Camp. "To ensure children can grow as healthy members of our society, we will strive to build expertise and expand cooperation with various entities, including social enterprises."

Meanwhile, established in 2005 under Chairman Lee Jay-Hyun's sharing philosophy 'Equal Opportunity, Healthy Growth', CJ Donors Camp has operated education support programs for underprivileged children and youths, including 'Creative School', 'Personality School' and 'Dream Building Cooking Academy'. CJ Donors Camp has donated a cumulative 30 billion won funded from donations made by 330,000 members plus CJ Welfare Foundation's matching grant program, and supported 4,600 learning centers and regional children's centers across the nation.