CJ accepts applications from new univ. graduates


CJ Group, headed by chairman Lee Jay-Hyun, will be openly recruiting new university-graduated employees for the first half of the year for its 13 main subsidiaries, including CJ E&M and CJ CheilJedang. Applications for the open recruitment are accepted from March 7 to March 19 at 6 pm on CJ Group’s recruitment website ( and mobile site.

Eligible applicants for this open recruitment of new employees are university graduates with a bachelor’s degree or higher, including those slated to graduate in August 2018. In addition to the General New Recruits category, CJ Group will also make separate selections under other recruitment categories such as the Respect category where the recruitment process is carried out using the blind method, the Global Talent category where applicants are evaluated mainly based on their global capabilities such as foreign language skills, and the Soon-to-Be-Discharged Officers category intended for officers. And there are two more categories under which selections will be made, the Internship category intended for those slated to graduate in February 2019, and the Overseas Students Internship category intended for graduates and those soon to graduate from universities overseas. Applicants must choose and apply for one category from among the six categories that best suits their qualifications, and applying for more than one category is not allowed.

Applicants who have passed the screening will be put through a series of tests in Seoul and Busan in mid-April and will then be interviewed by the group’s working-level officials and executives. The final list of successful applicants is scheduled to be announced in mid-June. Those who have passed the screening under the Internship categories will be given an internship of about 5 weeks during their vacation before their final acceptance is determined.

- 110 positions open at a total of 13 CJ subsidiaries and strengthened competence-based recruitment, including extended application of the Respect category

CJ Group has made job compatibility the most important criterion for hiring new employees. One thing of particular note is that CJ Group introduced the Respect category where the recruitment process is carried out by the blind method and will be extending the scope of its application further this year. Last year, the category was applied only to the sales positions. This year, however, its application has been significantly extended, with various positions including E&M concert business, CGV marketing, and CJ O Shopping broadcasting technology having been newly added to the category. Candidates applying under the Respect category are required not to provide any information regarding their qualifications such as their education, credits, and English test scores on their applications.

Aside from this, even the screening process under the General New Recruits category has been conducted based on cover letters only since 2010, and no foreign language test scores are required except for the Global Talent category. Furthermore, each screening process is conducted by the working-level officials relevant to the job position, not by members of the HR team. “The members of CJ Group’s screening committee will be evaluating each applicant based only on their cover letter, without any personal information about them, such as their name and the school they attended. To catch the attention of the screening committee members, who you can consider to be experts in each respective job position, your application must be able to convey your eligibility for the position you are applying for in an earnest, heartfelt manner,” said CJ Group's recruitment manager.

- Job Kitchen, a recruitment talk show riffing on tvN’s popular TV show “Youn's Kitchen,” is scheduled to air on March 16

▲ Internet recruitment talk show “Job Kitchen”

Since hosting an Internet recruitment briefing session in 2015 that was free from the constraints of time and space, the first of its kind in the trade, CJ Group has been leading the applicant-oriented recruitment culture. This year, CJ Group is hosting an Internet recruitment talk show called “Job  Kitchen” which riffs on the popular tvN show “Youn's Kitchen.” The show will see CJ Group’s recruitment managers and mentors for each job position talk about the group’s recruitment policy in general and employee welfare and services as well as providing detailed information on various job positions.

Particularly, employees who work in the job positions deemed popular among the applicants, such as sales, marketing, service, and broadcasting, will personally appear on the show and candidly share their experiences, helping the applicants choose a job position. The show will be held on March 16 at 6 pm on CJ Group’s Facebook page for recruitment ( and other platforms including YouTube. During the show, applicants are encouraged to ask questions in the comments section, and each question will be answered in real time by the relevant recruitment manager.

This year, CJ Group plans to hire as many as 1,000 new university graduates through its first-half and second-half open recruitment sessions. A CJ Group official said, "Seeing that CJ has been picked as the corporation that Korean jobseekers most want to work for three consecutive times in a recent survey, we expect their interest in this open recruitment of new employees to be higher than ever,” adding, “Applicants will be able to increase their chances of passing the screening if they think long and hard about what position would best suit their ability before applying and take good advantage of the job descriptions that will be given on the Internet recruitment talk show.”