CGV ScreenX Records a Box-Office Hit with the Highest Audience.


▲ ScreenX version of 'Black Panther’

‘Black Panther,’ the first film of the year by Marvel Studios celebrating the 10th anniversary, is recording a box-office hit in the ScreenX version as well. CJ CGV announced that ‘Black Panther’, which was released on February 14, already exceeded a 40% audience share in ScreenX by February 18, tallying the highest share among all ScreenX foreign film releases so far. The share exceeded 45% in the first weekend of release, and remained at 74% on average for the convergence 4DX with ScreenX cinematic experience.

'Black Panther’ ScreenX also triggered global success thanks to the overwhelming support of movie fans in the US and Southeast Asia. Indonesia is currently the country representing the highest audience share. The success of ScreenX is more clearly revealed in the audience share, which amounted to 61% in Indonesia on the first day of release and 54% and 53% in the US and Thailand respectively. ‘Black Panther’ is also about to be released on ScreenX in China on March 1 and Japan on March 9, which will surely sustain the box-office hit.

The local and global success of 'Black Panther’ ScreenX is due to the dynamic car chases and thrilling action, and the panorama of Wakanda set against the natural backdrop of Africa harmonized with cutting-edge technology, which all maximized the immersion in the movie combined with the effects of ScreenX.

According to the CGV Golden Egg reviews, one viewer of ‘Black Panther’ on ScreenX remarked, “The dynamic action scenes, as well as the vast panoramic views of Wakanda, were very impressive on ScreenX.” Others also commented, “ScreenX is the only way to see this!!” and “Clearly shows what Marvel and ScreenX can really do,” all touting their strong approval of the ScreenX experience.

▲ 'Black Panther’ ScreenX version

CGV Research Center analyzed the audiences that watched ‘Black Panther’ on ScreenX for a period of four days from February 15 to 18, known this year as Lunar New Year’s holiday season, and the result showed that ScreenX was particularly enjoyed by audience members in their 30s. Roughly 30% of the 'Black Panther’ ScreenX audiences were in their 30s, which is 3% higher than those who watched on general 2D during the same period.

ScreenX has become popular among younger generations because they wanted to maximize the excitement by experiencing ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and following Marvel series with the three-screen format. While men and women showed a similar ratio, the percentage of movie-goers coming in pairs exceeded 55%, which proved that the nature of this film is ideal for both friends and lovers.

“We were able to implement the front image on three screens with a sense of unity based on close cooperation with Marvel Studios, which seems to have received glowing feedback from audiences,” stated CGV ScreenX Studio’s creative director Yong-seung Choi. “As we’re about to expand into new global markets, we want to show off the distinctive and realistic appeal of ScreenX to audiences all over the world.”

ScreenX is a special multi-screen cinematic experience that succeeded in the world’s first joint development by CJ CGV and KAIST in 2012. It was first shown off to the global market in 2015 through CinemaCon in Las Vegas, US. It also attained recognition for its excellent technology in 2016 and was selected as a pilot project by the Ministry of Science and ICT. Currently, there are 136 ScreenX cinemas in 8 countries worldwide, including Korea, US, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey and Japan.