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The evolution of movie theaters introduced by CJ CGV

 There is always a penguin among a group of penguins that jumps into the sea first to get food. When other penguins hesitate as they are afraid of being eaten by seals, this 'first penguin' is the leader of penguins who bravely takes the challenge notwithstanding the uncertainty. Corporations also need this ‘first penguin’ spirit. To become a new winner of the future, they must find a new growth engine and dare to take on the challenge!

CJ CGV, which became a leader of the Korean film industry by introducing the multiplex for the first time Korea, recently began a new challenge again. Allow me to tell you the story of the ‘First Mover’ that is leading the Korean film industry of today.

- The center of the Korean film industry, CJ CGV’s challenge is ongoing

On July 18 at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul, which was reopened after undergoing massive renovations, the ‘mid-2017 CGV Film Industry Media Forum’ was held. The topic was ‘Post-Multiplex, the Evolution of Movie Theaters.’ It heralded the revolutionary change of the movie theater paradigm.

In retrospect, CJ CGV has constantly evolved and has been at the center of the quantitative and qualitative growth of the Korean film industry for the past 20 years. It was the first in Korea to introduce the multiplex, and has led new trends in movie viewing, and has been writing the history of the growth of the Korean film industry.

As a matter of fact, back in 1998 when the first CGV movie theater appeared, the annual number of moviegoers was merely 50 million, and it has since increased to 200 million. Also, the number of Korean films produced in a year leaped from 40 to 373. The amount of film exports also exceeded $10 million last year, registering a whopping 500-fold rate of increase. This is attributed to various efforts, e.g. our own original contents and diversification of the production environment.

However, we cannot ignore the influence of the butterfly effect, such as in the case of infrastructure, like movie theaters, which as it expanded, the movie-going culture spread, and this led to the invigoration of investments in movies. And right at the center of it, the efforts of CGV, which was the first to introduce the multiplex and led the invigoration of the Korean film industry, paid off handsomely.

- The core keywords of CGV leading the innovation of movie theaters – technology, lifestyle, design and mutual prosperity

CJ CGV places emphasis on maximizing immersiveness, and creating a comfortable viewing environment by reinforcing the important technical elements of a movie theater, i.e. 3S (Screen, Sound, Seat). As a result, it has continued to increase differentiated movie screens, e.g. IMAX, 4DX, ScreenX, SoundX, SphereX and Starium.

In particular, there is a movie theater boasting of an extraordinary scale at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall, the largest of its kind in Korea with 3,888 seats in 20 multiplex cinemas. The ‘4DX with ScreenX,’ which combines ‘4DX,’ a special theater for experiencing five senses, and ‘ScreenX’ which has screens on three sides, i.e. front, left and right, is a new special technology convergence theater which cannot be seen in existing multiplexes. In addition, in the ‘IMAX Laser’ theater, which has the largest screen in the history of multiplexes and the high-resolution laser projector, the audiences can enjoy movies more realistically thanks to the brighter digital image screen and the realistic, overwhelming sound. As movie theaters already reached a saturation point in Korea, CJ CGV is capitalizing on cutting-edge technology to provide differentiated theater experience for audiences.

Furthermore, CJ CGV introduced ‘Cultureplex,’ a complex cultural space, by combining the essential element of movie theaters, i.e. movie-going. Along with the movie theater with a chef ‘Cine de Chef’ and the special premium movie theater which combines beds with movie theaters, i.e. ‘TEMPUR CINEMA,’ CJ CGV has transformed the movie theater into a ‘cultural playground,’ i.e. the virtual reality (VR) complex experience zone ‘VR PARK’ and the new cartoon café ‘lolol.’

Aside from this, CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall further elevated customer satisfaction with differentiated services that allow the audiences to fully enjoy movie theaters as a cultural space, e.g. a special movie theater with premium sofa seats called ‘Salon S,’ a small theater for independent films ‘SKYBOX,’ and hemispheric premium seats for couples, known as ‘EGGBOX.’

In terms of design, CGV went through endless stages of evolution, and has now adopted the 4G design concept 'Retro Vintage.' Leading movie theaters of the world say that CJ CGV has raised the level of movie theater design by applying this design concept, which features relaxation, comfort and emotion, to CGV multiplexes around the world.

In addition, it opened the first movie theater exclusively for diversity films, i.e. CGV Art House (18 art houses and 22 screens), in Korea in 2004, and increased overall public interest in art and independent films, spreading the diverse values of films. CJ CGV is making continued efforts to create a healthy structure of the film industry in which the growth of the Korean film industry reinforces the global status of Korean films, and in turn, diversity spreads.

- Pushing the envelope of films! A new future led by CGV

Like this, CJ CGV is introducing an advanced model that has never been seen in existing movie theaters. As the tendency to pursue the value of experience is strengthened in consumption, CJ CGV is providing various differentiated technologies and services that ‘can push the envelope of films.’

Seo Jeong, CEO of CJ CGV, revealed his ambition to transform CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall into the leading flagship site in Korea, visited by more than 4 million moviegoers in a year, and announced his plan to make it an example of fostering a global customized model.

We will expect that CJ CGV will take the lead again with its challenging spirit as it always has!