CJ Group’s Joint Business Venture in China Takes Its First Step.



CJ’s bakery brand ‘Tous Les Jours’ is going to launch its first 70pyŏng (a land measure of six squares) -franchise in Wooddaocauwoo of the Chinese capital Beijing on the 18th. This area is considered as the core commercial power of instant bread, because it is a concentrated university district, which includes the Beijing University and 6other universities.

First of all, CJ is planning on opening 3direct management shops in Beijing within this year. Then, they plan to expand franchises nationwide.

The group’s dining corporate CJ FoodVille is planning on showcasing the noodle bay ‘Czen,’ next to ‘Tous Les Jours Shop No.1,’ in November. This is seeking for a counter-trade to China, a country already with a developed noodle cuisine. Initially, Czen is going to differentiate themselves with the introduction of healthy noodles such as ‘Pumpkin Noodle,’ ‘Green Tea Noodle.’ After this is done, they are planning on expanding the chain business.

In this chain business, CJ Tous Les Jours and FoodVille are providing the know-how and manpower, with CJ China Corporate operating the firms.

The continuous advance into the Chinese market of CJ Tous Les Jours and Czen is meaningful in that it is the first chain business starting with the CJ logo. The group is also planning on making a name for the CJ brand among the Chinese, while making that brand recognition simultaneously create a synergy effect in terms of production simultaneously.