CJ Blazes a New Trail on Snowy Plains. RIDE NEW.


A path that no one has ever treaded.
CJ constantly embarks on new journeys because it believes someone will one day follow its footsteps to reach their dreams.
CJ is blazing a new trail today and every day thereafter.

New Every Moment

Ice skating events such as short track skating, speed skating, figure skating, and many other world-famous stars have brought smiles, tears, and impressions to the lives of Koreans. However, Korea has not been able to achieve good results in snow sports, which account for more than half of the medals at the Winter Olympics.

As a result, snow sporting events have so far not received much attention from the Korean public and have left out of the spotlight, but CJ has always stood by ever-ambitious Korean snow sport athletes as their beacon of hope, encouraging and helping them achieve their dreams via sponsorship.

So why is CJ sponsoring these sporting events? It is because CJ is blazing new trails driven by the group’s pioneering spirit and eagerness to make forays into new areas, working hard to expand the fan base of underappreciated games and to popularize them.

CJ anticipates that this will lead to creating a new kind of culture, and as the biggest sponsor of the Korea Ski Association, the company is fully committed to providing support to athletes in alpine, freestyle, snowboard, cross country and ski jumping sporting events.

Moreover, as CJ retains a belief that companies must devote themselves to helping young people realize their dreams, in addition to sponsoring the association, the company also sponsors athletes such as Kim Ho-Jun in snowboard halfpipe, Choi Jae-Woo in freestyle mogul skiing, and Lee Sang-Ho in snowboard alpine.

In order for these athletes to fully utilize their talents and potently display their passion to achieve their goals, CJ actively supports them by providing them with overseas training sessions as well as dedicated coaches from other countries and nutritious meals, enabling them to train in a better environment.

Kim Ho-Jun built his dream of becoming a snowboarder by learning the necessary skills on his own through videos filmed by his father. He gradually grew as a snowboarder and eventually earned the opportunity to test his skills on the world stage. Already a Korean snowboard legend, he constantly challenges himself and is rewriting the history of Korean snowboard halfpipe.

Skier Choi Jae-Woo has also gone through a similar hardship; he has been continuing with rigorous training, going back and forth from Korea to Canada every two months since he started skiing in earnest. Although mogul skiing is unfamiliar to many Koreans, Choi Jae-Woo attracts envy on the international stage and competes with the world’s top athletes, constantly forging ahead towards bigger goals.

Snowboarder Lee Sang-Ho is no exception. Lee Sang-Ho experienced snowboarding for the first time as a first-grader in elementary school at a sledge park converted from a cabbage field in a high altitude cold region and did not lose sight of his dream of becoming a snowboarder despite the adverse circumstances. Lee Sang-Ho, who dominated the junior competitions, has emerged as a new force in snowboarding after finishing at No. 4 at the Snowboard World Cup that took place this winter.

Taking one step after another on a path that no one treads, these athletes are expected to begin to open another new path in February of next year.

There is less than a year left before the world's best winter sports festival takes place. CJ believes that these athletes, who are treading their own paths in the face of the adverse training environment and the public’s indifference, will soon make their dreams come true. Even as of this writing, they are blazing new paths with their blood and sweat.