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Witnessing the Dreams of Superstar K


Witnessing the Dreams of Superstar K through Dream Building Culture Experience

On December 8th, a cold day with chilly winds nipping at people's thick coats, as many as 70 children from Gyeongnam and Jeonnam regional children's centers visited Seoul.

It was because they were given the opportunity to make a trip to Seoul for one night and two days, courtesy of Dream Building Culture Experience.

The itinerary of their one-night two-day Seoul trip covered both the traditional and the modern, including destinations such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namsan, broadcasting stations, and movie theaters. The first destination of the trip was a final contest of the TV show ‘Superstar K’.

This particular CJ Donors Camp blogger attended the contest as well!

It was cold and rainy, but the children waited for their turns to enter the venue in an orderly manner. The children closely followed the safety officers' directions after entering and were complimented by the guards for being such well-behaved children.

Run-through shooting which the children witnessed is similar in concept to what we know as a rehearsal. In a run-through shoot, all cast members gather and run through what they will do in the real show for the last time before the final contest begins. Because the whole process of a run-through shoot is the same as the real show, the role of the audience that will communicate with the performers on stage is also very important. And our children were the ones who took on the role of the audience.

The children clapped their hands according to the director's hand gestures. Performing a seal clap was no difficult task for these children. Although it was their first audience experience, they pulled it off like pros. Maybe they are naturals?

The Superstar K 2016 run-through performance the children saw held special significance. It's because the final contest of Superstar K 2016 took place on the day, where Kim Young-Geun aka Jirisan Mountain Soul and Berklee College of Music student Lee Ji-Eun competed with each other in good faith for the last time for prize money amounting to 500 million won and an opportunity to make an album. And our children were invited to witness the occasion, which made their long journey all worthwhile.

The host Kim Sung-Joo had already arrived, and the run-through was carried out step by step under his hosting. Watching the performers run through their parts in cadence with each other, the children could not hide their amazement at the behind-the-scenes story of broadcasting. It was surprising for them to know that broadcasts which they casually watched at ease were in fact created through such exhausting preparations. They will never forget what they saw on the day whenever they watch a broadcast in the future. In addition, I think they may have learned to be grateful to all the people who help create broadcasts behind the camera and all of their efforts.

The children cheer as they preview the final contest between Kim Yung-Geun and Lee Ji-Eun. They continued to admire the performers' skills with each time. Well, the skills of the musicians chosen by the people were indeed in a different league. I also had an ear-pleasing experience for the first time in a long time.

Because it was a run-through, the children ended today's field trip without knowing who the final winner of Superstar K 2016 is. But I think that the important thing is not who will become the winner between Kim Young-Geun and Lee Ji-Eun, but the fact that they both made efforts to realize their dreams of becoming singers. Both of them have been taking a shot at becoming the winner since previous Superstar K seasons but were eliminated every time. However, they never gave up pursuing their dreams, which likely resulted in today's glorious performances.

It would be really great to know if the performances by the two had deeply encouraged the Gyeongnam and Jeonnam children to think about the significance of their dreams and the value of effort.

Now, let's hear from some of the children who personally witnessed the performances.

Kim Ryun-Hae, a first grader attending an elementary school in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, said, "I watched how a concert is created at first hand, and it looked really difficult. I can hardly see a concert like this in my hometown, so the whole experience feels truly unique to me. I've never expected that there will come a day like this in my life! I hope I will experience more things like this in the future."

Accordingly, CJ Donors Camp will work harder to help children who have difficulty in having these kinds of cultural experiences. We promise to provide more opportunities to allow them to have similar cultural experiences in the future.

Yoo Eun-Sol, a sixth grader from as far as Wando, Jeollanam-do, said, "It's strange and exciting because I think I might be able to see some celebrities. Also, I am going to Lotte World tomorrow, and this is my first time visiting it. So I’m pretty excited. I really want to visit the haunted house! If I am given an opportunity to get a cultural experience like this in the future, I will definitely do it."

What the two said alone clearly conveys how exciting today's cultural experience was to the children. Letting children experience diverse cultures may be the most effective way to nurture their growth!

CJ Donors Camp will also provide as much support as we can to help children realize their dreams, like Superstar K 2016, a stage where dreams come true.