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In 2017, We All Become Heroes!


In 2017, We All Become Heroes! CJ Donors Camp's Sharing Hero Campaign

tvN's Little Big Hero sheds light on special good deeds by our ordinary neighbors. The program pleases and moves viewers, making them think, "This world is still a wonderful place to live in."

Little Actions That Change the World,
Little Big Hero,
Airing at 7:40 PM Every Monday / A New First Episode Airs on Sept. 5,
Your ordinary neighbors' special good deeds discovered by tvN,
[Little Big Hero] All-new First Episode Airs at 7:40 PM on Sept. 5

A recent episode of Little Big Hero (Eps. #67) told the story of a man named Lee Hyo-Chun who helps single moms and their babies in dire need by using his own money. It left me thinking, "He's doing an awesome job and yet he's only in his 20's. I hope his effort will come to fruition and he will continue doing that."

A sense of contentment I feel by myself; it always didn't develop than that. They are called ordinary neighbors but seemed to have been born with heroic qualities. I thought that we were worlds apart. The truth is that they are trying hard to make our society a better place for all to live.

“Then, what do you suggest I do? Quit my job and join in the activities?" “I'd like to help out, either through donations or volunteer work. But I don't know whom to contact and how." “It seems like a little too much work. It puts quite a bit of pressure on me as well.”

Do not worry. The solution is nearer than you may think. It's even easy and pressure-free. But the effect will be enormous. We call those among the little big heroes who put radical sharing into practice "sharing heroes." You can support the activities of < sharing heroes > by simply liking their Facebook Page. In addition, by making a donation of 1,000 won, you can also change the world into a warmer place together with them. By sharing with others, we, too, can become heroes!

CJ Donors Camp, which endeavors to spread sharing culture, will run a sharing hero campaign on its website from December 26, 2016 to January 22, 2017.

The hero is you who shares with others.
Let us introduce three sharing heroes who have been practicing sharing for a long time.
You are also a hero if you can share your heart with these guys.
Can human rights also be lent?
Lee Chang-Ho 
Making noodles and picking scholarship students!
Kim Yo-Hwan 
Happy moms, not single moms
Lee Hyo-Chun

The campaign will feature these three sharing heroes, who are familiar faces to the fans of tvN's Little Big Hero and, if you are not already familiar with them, whose stories will arouse enormous sympathy in you. You simply need to watch their stories in short videos on the CJ Donors Camp website, and pick the hero that moved your heart the most, and donate 1,000 won to him.

How to Become a Hero
Choose one from among the three heroes
Donate 1,000 won
Claim your surprise gift through a raffle
Get a sleeping mask by signing up for regular donor membership!
Like Donors Camp on Facebook and give extra support!CJ Donors Camp Doubles the Amount of Money You Donate by Adding Its Own Donation

Have trouble choosing just one story? Don't sweat it. You can donate to as many heroes as you want to. Wait, there's an important thing to note here: once you've donated your money to sharing heroes, CJ Donors Camp will also donate the same amount of money as you, thereby doubling the amount of your donation.

Donation information,Name of proposal,[Three Sharing Heroes Campaign-1] Kind-hearted loan Lee Chang-Ho, can human rights also be lent? My donation 1,000 won,CJ Sharing Foundation's donation,1,000 won,Total donation,2,000 won, CJ chipped in the same amount of money as your donation, and a total of 2,000 won was sent to your hero.

I've donated 1,000 won, but the amount of money eventually sent to my hero is 2,000 won. It feels like I've earned some money. Moreover, that money is going to be used to make our society better. I feel a sense of happiness that is incomparably better than how I felt after watching tvN's Little Big Hero.

During the same period of time as the campaign above, Donors Camp will also run another campaign on its Facebook Page. In this campaign, you show your interest and share your heart by liking a post, sharing a post, or leaving a comment, whereby you will donate diapers, wipes, and newborn kits to little babies in conjunction with single moms' guardian angel Lee Hyo-Chun. The celebrities who've joined the cause await you. You must be curious who they are, aren't you? No time to lose!

The hero is you who shares with others.
We thank you for choosing to be with the sharing heroes!
Your sharing will be delivered as love x 2.
And here's one more special gift! 
CJ Donors Camp will give Nanu sleeping masks to those who sign up for regular donor membership for the first time during the campaign period.
Claim your surprise gift.

This is a gift that Donors Camp gives to you who has joined in the little actions that change the world. Please do not forget to claim your surprise gift after donating 1,000 won on our website. If you sign up for regular donor membership, which is available to those who have donated 1,000 won or more, you will be given a limited-edition Nanu sleeping mask that will help you sleep better and in turn double your heroic capabilities. Please try to push yourself into becoming even more dedicated. ^^

I hope that in the new year, there will be more and more of those who will get the strength to get back on their feet thanks to our support (Lee Chang-Ho, kind-hearted loans), of those aspiring students with dreams (Kim Yo-Hwan, giving scholarships), and of those who speak of hope (Lee Hyo-Chun, supporting single-mother households). Going forward, CJ Donors Camp will try our best to discover and introduce more radical sharers to you who are active in various walks of life in our society on top of those sharing heroes that you encounter on the air and spread the waves of sharing far and wide.

@ Lee Chang-Ho give "kind-hearted" — unsecured, no-interest — loans of up to 1 million won to low-income households.

@ Kim Yo-Hwan runs a very popular Banghwa-dong noodle restaurant all of whose profits are spent in running a scholarship foundation.

@ Lee Hyo-Chun helps single moms in society start happy families with their babies despite the societal pressure due to prejudice and social underprivilege.

The hero is you who shares with others. In fact, you have already become a hero as soon as you read this and become interested.