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When You Go There produced by CJ in 2016 has combined elements of being a mystery, a melodrama, a suspense and fantasy drama

What does she like? We are always agonizing over it.

It is very difficult to quickly put your finger on what she likes. But it may be possible to do so there.


“I’m okay with anything you want to choose for me from the menu,” she says.

But such words are like hell for men.




“Sweetie, this looks pretty, right?” she asks the man.
The man is at a loss for words as there is no simple answer.

But if they are there…

The boyfriend has to endure a labyrinth about menus and shopping.
Can he find a happy ending through solving a problem which men can usually only solve after dating a girl for more than three years?

What is there?

“When You Go There” is about us.
Those who watched the TV commercial say that they’ve watched the hit TV commercial at least twice.
A high-quality drama of epic proportions for 2016 which crisscrosses between real and virtual spaces.

The TV commercial describes an ordinary man’s struggles, commotions, spectacles, suspense.

When You Go There - Episode 1.

When You Go There - Episode 2.

There’s always something about the place we live.