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We are a man and woman drinking alone!


We are a man and woman drinking alone! The story of drinking alone, dining alone and going to the movies alone

Have you ever watched tvN's new drama "Drinking Solo" which premiered on September 5? It is a drama that depicts the 'drinking alone' lifestyles of the teachers and students of a private institute that helps attendees prepare for their civil service exam in Noryangjin, Seoul. A great deal of attention is being paid to the drama as the first drama that focuses on the culture of drinking alone.

Drinking alone has been seen to be negative as it tends to invoke sadness. As the number of single-person households grows, however, the culture is emerging as a hot trend for this year. Are you a single? Then look here. Let's explore everything about "living alone", a single life that is perfect to enjoy alone or much better than being together.

Dine alone! Drinking and dining alone: you can choose whatever you want!

Dining alone and drinking alone have already become a form of play among online users. There are even some level tests to identify to which extent you can do alone. Starting from low-level activities such as eating a triangular kimbap alone at a convenient store to high-level ones such as enjoying a buffet alone at VIPS, a family restaurant, as you move to higher levels, you will find places which are challenging to visit alone.

▲ Ha Seok-Jin shows why solo drinking is better than a get-together. (Boss, are you watching this?)

What will be their answer to a question "Why do you eat and drink alone"? Ha Seok-Jin in the drama "Drinking Solo" answers in his mind to those who whisper to each other about his drinking alone in a BBQ restaurant:

'Because I like drinking alone. I don't need to talk and I like this time of being on my own. It's the only time that I have for myself. This is a healing time just for myself.'

It is said that many viewers nodded their head in agreeance when they watched this scene.

▲ Where is this place? Who am I?

The reason why one likes dining alone and drinking alone is in line with the reason why one dislikes dining together and drinking together. In a crowded dining or drinking occasion, dishes are chosen by others and you may not even recognize what you are eating until the end of the occasion.

▲ Graceful soloing!

Dining alone and drinking alone are totally different. You can choose exactly what you want to eat and enjoy them at your own speed, focusing on the taste of the dishes. You don't need to give up anything in order to save face.

Where to dine and drink alone

The hot place for those who dine alone - Sinchon Ichimen
A Japanese ramen restaurant that is pioneering the culture of dining alone. You can order from a machine and enjoy a meal at a table with a partition.

A glass of beer at a Korean traditional house – Hyehwa-dong’s German House
Enjoy various hand-made and imported beers at a Korean traditional pub. Plus, choose from high-quality side dishes, such as a German sausage and cheese platter.

Happiness of tasting 1++ grade beef alone - Yeonnam-dong’s Baetjang
The final stage of the dining-alone challenge is meat! A BBQ restaurant for solo diners where you can even enjoy the very last piece of meat alone.

Play alone! You don't need to get consent from others - Going to the movies alone and playing alone

Recently, detached single seats in a theater have become a topic of interest. Do you ever wonder who would want to watch a movie alone? There are a growing number of people who prefer to go to the movies alone although they don't bother to speak out.

According to a survey by CGV Research Center, the share of single-person ticket sales has been rising: 7.2% in 2013, 8.3% in 2014, 9.7% in 2015 and 11.7% in the first half of 2016. Now let's talk more about people who go to the movies alone.

Compared to two or three-viewer groups, they are known to prefer Wednesday and Thursday morning times and the aisle seats in a standard zone located in the middle of a theater. They also tend to post a review after watching a movie! They are movie buffs who enjoy a wide array of movies from art house to IMAX.

They don't need to watch a movie they don't feel like watching due to their friends and they can feel free to cry out in a horror movie or cry their eyes out while watching melodramatic moments. It's no problem to stay until the ending credits finish. To those who go to the movies alone, watching a movie is not a part of social life but it is about the movie itself.

The trend of enjoying alone is not limited to just the cinema. Solo recreation is the trend in overall cultural life, including plays, musicals and concert. It should be noted that solo recreation is a system that is totally geared for geeks! You don't need to restrain yourself from shouting or worrying about your friend's facial reaction. It is a privilege exclusively for a solo player.

Personal preferences are the underlying source of headaches; you may think you are not overly picky about choosing a movie but once you go to the movies with somebody else, you are likely to disagree with your friend. I guess true hobbies should be enjoyed alone.

What to see for those who go to the movies alone or play alone

Wicked men gather in hell! 'Asura'
The war of the wicked to survive hell! A soundless cheer comes out when "The Man" appears.
Release: September 28

Everybody Says Yeah! 'Kinky Boots'
A magical miracle of red long boots! What is the charm of this globally-loved Broadway musical which was made in Korea?
Sept. 2, 2016 - Nov. 13, 2016 Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall

Enjoy alone! As free as you wish! - "Home training" and "Traveling alone"

Is a single life all about eating, drinking and enjoying? People who choose to live alone enjoy even shopping, fitness and travel alone in a healthy and meaningful way.

▲ Enjoy training easily at home! OnStyle “The Body Show 4”

Home training is a hot trend! Home training is a fitness method that emphasizes what is seen rather than the result of body composition analysis and that is carried out by watching TV or the internet rather than with a personal trainer.

Many people regret failing to stick to the routine of going to the gym. To them, home training is effective as it can be performed at home anytime they want.

If you have cleared all the previous stages: from dining alone and drinking alone to home training, now is the time to embark on solo travel! According to statistics provided by a travel agency, sales for single-person overseas travel packages grew at a CAGR of 57% between 2013 and 2015 for three years.

Given that the main merit of solo travel is to travel alone at any time, it is natural that those who travel alone prefer domestic locations or countries that are less than 3 hours away by flight. We strongly recommend solo travel as it will create some time solely for you, allowing you to experience a totally different side of you.

Where to go for solo travel

A short but fantastic delicacy tour - Osaka

There is even a saying that Osaka people may go bankrupt due to enjoying all their food. Osaka welcomes travelers who prefer eating alone!

A great moment with a fantastic ocean view - Jeju Island
Everybody who visits a guesthouse alone becomes friends! If you use a low-cost carrier, you can get there at a cost lower than you must pay for a KTX train to Busan!

Do you think it's difficult because you are going solo? It's actually easier because you are going solo!

▲ Enjoy solo drinking of your own style! The dignity of solo drinking

We are in the era of 5 million single-living families in Korea. There are so many people who enjoy single life from dining alone to traveling alone, but maybe there are still some people who hesitate to do something alone.

However, drinking a glass of alcohol alone after an exhausting day will be more comforting than any other and a good movie you are watching in a theater you dared to visit alone will present you with the happiest time just for you. Enjoy a day for yourself, not any other, and a life for yourself!