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A richly tasty dark chocolate cake


A richly tasty dark chocolate cake - your perfect dessert choice in autumn
A Twosome Place launches "Belgian Ganache"

- "Belgian Ganache" full of the flavor of Belgian dark chocolate...

A Twosome Place (www.twosome.co.kr), a premium dessert cafe brand, announced on September 7 that it has launched "Belgian Ganache", a new dessert that is well suited for the upcoming fall season.

This new menu selection utilized premium Belgian chocolate to align the increasing expectations of the quality of ingredients with the growing demand for desserts. It features higher dark chocolate content for richer chocolate flavors, considering that bitter-sweet chocolate menu offerings tend to be more popular in chilly weather.

The "Belgian Ganache" cake comes in two varieties: "Belgian Melting Ganache", as a whole cake, and "Belgian Ganache", a cake that comes in slices. It delivers a rich chocolate taste with chocolate ganache (chocolate cream made by mixing chocolate with fresh cream) between chocolate sheets, and also has a fresh crispy texture created by adding chocolate crunch balls and crumbles (lumps of cookie dough). "Belgian Melting Ganache", a whole cake, captivates the attention of chocolate lovers with its hazelnut milk chocolate cream that flows out from the center of the sheet when cut.

To celebrate the launching of "Belgian Ganache", A Twosome Place is holding a promotional event that lasts from today until October 3; if you order Belgian Ganache (one slice) and an Americano, which happen to go perfect with each other, you will receive a free additional cup of Americano.

A Twosome Place said, "We are driving the ‘small luxury’ craze with our new premium desserts. We opted to use high quality Belgian chocolate to reflect the needs of dessert lovers and we expect a favorable response from our customers regarding our efforts to effectively capture the right taste."