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Korean Thanksgiving Day gift sets


Get yourself ready for Chuseok with delicious desserts and premium coffee! Tous Les Jours and A Twosome Place release Korean Thanksgiving Day gift sets

-Tous Les Jours presents various practical gift sets ranging from a traditional one consisting of manju and monaka to Cheonhyehyang tangerine pie

- A Twosome Place releases a special gift set combining premium coffee with a mug and tumbler

- CJ Foodville's Tous Les Jours and A Twosome Place released practical and premium gift sets for Chuseok, Korea’s Thanksgiving Day.

●Tous Les Jours presents diverse and practical gift sets, giving a wide range of options to consumers

Tous Les Jours(www.tlj.co.kr) has released a total of 61 gift sets for Korea’s Thanksgiving Day, including all-time popular ones and new products. Some examples are the "Traditional Gift Set" consisting of mooncake, monaka, manju and sweet bean jelly and the "Cheonhyehyang Tangerine Pie" containing Jeju cheonhyehyang tangerine and tangerine jam. With a membership benefit from your carrier (15% discount for SKT T Membership, KT Membership and discount of 100 won per 1,000 won for LG U+ Membership, Membership points to be deducted), you can buy Tous Les Jours gift sets ranging from 10,000 won to 20,000 won at more reasonable prices.

If you buy TOUR les JOUR gift sets via the 'Send Gift' menu of KakaoTalk, a mobile messenger, you can receive a 10% discount (Sept. 5 to 18), and if you buy one via KakaoTalk on September 12 or 13, you will have a chance to become one of 400 customers who will receive a TOUR les JOUR gift certicifate worth of 5,000 won. In addition, if you visit the official Tous Les Jours Facebook Fanpage and leave a comment about the fragrance you associate with Chuseok, you will qualify for the draw to receive a Cheonhyehyang Tangerine Pie.

● A Twosome Place presents premium gift sets for ensuring a splendid Chuseok by combining premium coffee and convenient merchandise products

A Twosome Place (www.twosome.co.kr) prepared three gift sets consisting of hand drip pouch coffee, and a cup or tumbler through which you can more easily savor premium Twosome coffee of deep flavors created through dark roasting. One of the gift sets is a "Practical Gift Set" consisting of hand drip coffee pouches (5 packs) and a mug or a Twosome mini-size tumbler.

You can also choose a "Premium Gift Set" consisting of hand drip coffee pouches (5 packs) and a stainless tumbler or choose to convey a deep feeling of gratitude by selecting a gift set comprising of A Twosome Place's distinguished desserts, such as a roll cake, macaroons and chocoroons (chocolate-covered macaroons).

A Twosome Place's official Facebook Fanpage will hold a draw event for customers who offer good ideas about how to deeply enjoy Chuseok from September 6 to 11. The winners will receive a Premium Gift Set.

CJ Foodville said, "We have prepared this year's Chuseok gift sets, hoping that our customers have a nice Chuseok, while exchanging gifts with each other. We hope you are able to share a warm heart with each other through our exquisitely prepared gift sets."