THE PLACE opens at Shinsegae Hanam


Now enjoy THE PLACE at Korea's largest shopping theme park Starfield Hanam! THE PLACE opens at Shinsegae Hanam

- It will open on underground level 1 of Shinsegae Department Store in Starfield Hanam as it takes a foothold in the Gyeonggi region, an emerging arena for distribution channels

- A 72-seat live open kitchen in the center of the mall with notable menu selections: 'Bomb Pizza' and 'Lobster & Steak'

THE PLACE (, an Italian urban bistro, announced on Thursday that it would open a store in Shinsegae Department Store in Starfield Hanam, Korea's largest shopping theme park, on September 9.

THE PLACE has been leading Italian restaurant trends in Korea with sensational menu selections such as "Black Mozza Ball' and "Bomb Pizza" and its unique interior design that reflects the emotion of Milan, the city of food and fashion. The bistro serves combo platters at reasonable prices as well as "Small Plate", a bite-size cuisine series you can enjoy for around 10,000 won, boasting of excellent cost-conscious menu selections.

Based on these differentiated points, THE PLACE has been recently opening up in mega shopping malls and department stores in Gyeonggi cities, such as Gwanggyo, Pangyo and Hanam, which are emerging as a new hubs for distribution channels. These districts are currently leading trendy food culture in Korea, attracting high income populations, including those from Gangnam, Seoul. The company explains that these districts are the best place to examine consumer responses and verify its overall operating process.

Located in Hanam, Gyeonggi Province, Starfield Hanam is Korea's largest shopping complex that is 70 times larger than a soccer field. The complex not only features Shinsegae Department Store but it also has many other original shopping, leisure and entertainment stores, including E-Mart Traders, PK Market, Electro Mart, and Aquafield. The complex is expected to be visited by over 12 million people a year, including Chinese and Japanese customers.

THE PLACE Hanam in Shinsegae Hanam is a 72-seat bistro located in the Food Section on the first underground level of the department store. It has a 10-person room for the convenient dining of groups. The bistro boasts of luxurious interior space decorated with golden trim and Milano Red interiors. Its turquoise furniture units contrast with the red color of lighting located here and there across the ceiling like butterflies create a fancy and lively mood.

With the round-shaped live open kitchen in the center of THE PLACE , you can see menu selections being cooked wherever you are seated. The chef can be seen tossing dough, adding cheese and toppings, and roasting it in a copper oven at over 400℃, and the taste of this fresh pizza is absolutely authentic. THE PLACE Shinsegae Hanam's main menu features are "Bomb Pizza", which is even known abroad, and "Lobster & Steak", which combines lobster and strip loin.

"We opened the bistro based on a concentration of our strengths in menu development and service, and we are determined to make it the best Italian restaurant brand chosen by customers," said THE PLACE .